Hearing loss: hearing problems and understand

Written by: Dr. Óscar Biurrun Unzué
Edited by: Top Doctors®

Hearing loss is the decrease in hearing ability , that is, more decibels are needed to hear the same thing as a person with normal hearing.. Its causes are several, although we can group them into three large groups: 1) The hearing loss of perception, which are those that affect the auditory nerve and its derivations in the central nervous system. 2) The transmission hearing loss, in which the nervous system is undamaged but some part of the mechanism that transmits the sound to the auditory nerve and its derivations fails and 3) Mixed, in which both types are mixed.

The hipoacusia is the diminution of hearing capacity


Symptoms of hearing loss

Symptoms of hearing loss generally affect two qualities: hearing and understanding. That is, the person does not hear normal intensities, but above all does not understand the words, even though they are spoken at high intensities. In addition, other symptoms such as the presence of ear noises ( Tinnitus ), disturbances of balance, headaches, pains, problems of social adaptation or alterations in language in the case of children can be added ...


Treatment of hearing loss

The treatment can be of 4 types: medical, surgical, prosthetic (using conventional or surgically implantable hearing aids) and / or rehabilitator , either individually or in combination, depending on each problem. The specialist in Hearing is the Otorhinolaryngologist and he will be in charge of defining the most appropriate therapeutic strategy in each case, always from the perspective of the individualization of each situation, and defining the time and the way in which they can or should be combined said 4 therapeutic modes.


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By Dr. Óscar Biurrun Unzué


Otorhinolaryngologist and prestigious speech therapist with more than 25 years of experience. Pioneer in Spain in the diagnosis and treatment of Sleep Disorders, in general, and Sleep Apnea Syndrome in particular, namely: first publication about it in 1990, Cum Laude doctoral thesis in 1993, Cesar Beltrán 1998 Award, multiple research scholarships etc. He has worked in various Catalan hospitals, as well as professor of courses and masters of the specialty. Pioneer in Spain in the application of the methods of Integrative Medicine (Union of Conventional and Natural Medicine: Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Phytotherapy, Homeopathy, Medical Nutrition ...) in its search for diagnostic and therapeutic excellence, is to say to obtain the maximum effectiveness with the minimum adverse effects, and in his holistic conception of the person (Body, Psyche and Emotions). He has highlighted, in addition to his contribution to General Otorhinolaryngology, in the field of Medical Audiology: Comprehensive Diagnosis and Treatment of Hearing Loss, Tinnitus (noises in the ears), Alterations of Balance etc and in the field of Human Voice Alterations . Dynamic and passionate science, in addition to an extensive curriculum of publications, books, courses and lectures and stays abroad (Stanford University, Mutualidad Argentina de Hipoacúsicos etc) has a patent of invention. In recognition of his intense professional and scientific career he has been elected Full Member of the Ramón y Cajal Illustrious Academy of Health Sciences (June 2018).

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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