Hyperthermia cancer, the fourth pillar of the fight against cancer

Written by: Dr. Jorge Contreras Martínez
Edited by: Top Doctors®

Scientific advances have made significant improvements in the results-both in survival and quality of life of cancer patients. Chemotherapy has been refining its effects, so that more is achieved more effectively alleviate the feared side effects. With regard to radiotherapy, technological advances allow treatment sessions concentrate on fewer and less area or volume of application. However, conventional cancer treatments such as surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy remain achieve tumor cure results in 100% of cases. That is why in recent years has been collecting on medical databases such as PubMed or Medline more evidence about the beneficial effects of adding oncologic hyperthermia as a complementary treatment to conventional treatments.


Apply heat with radiofrequency

Hyperthermia is a technique that is now used widely and level of care in most countries that are more advanced in research and treatment of cancer. It can be applied locally in an area of ​​the body or in an organ, but also applies widely throughout the body surface.

The deep local hyperthermia involves the application of heat obtained by a radio frequency generator and is applied using antennas that allow us to define both the depth to which we apply that heat energy and intensity to be achieved in the area. There are protocols depending on the type of oncologic disease to treat and the location of it and for this there are antennas application of hyperthermia of various sizes, which is important when treating areas of difficult access, or special patients. This makes impossible the risk of burns or other local side effects.

Either way treatment should be prescribed by medical oncologists and specialists in oncologic hyperthermia is customized individually for each patient and tumor. Prior to application, the patient should undergo a thorough physical examination and a review of their cancer history to determine if it is suitable or not to perform hyperthermia. Treatment should be applied by nurses trained to administer hyperthermia and these being permanently monitored during sessions of one hour. The recommended and which produces better results is to associate the application of deep local hyperthermia to other cancer treatments proposed by the oncologist patient. The scientific evidence supports a multidisciplinary treatment of cancer, using all available therapeutic weapons.


Against cancer

Hyperthermia improves the response of conventional cancer treatments of surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, becoming the fourth pillar of cancer treatment. Current results reflect the scientific literature has not only increased tumor response and patient survival, but also an increased quality of life with reduced side effects both of the disease and the rest of treatments applied. In this line, MagnaClinic Marbella, directed by renowned oncologist Dr.. Jorge Contreras is the only medical facility authorized in Spain for administering care form of treatment with oncological Hyperthermia (both deep and total body) and it has the most advanced technology with the experts to do so with greater assurance professionals.


*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. Jorge Contreras Martínez
Clinical oncology

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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