Threads: Lifting Express without operating room

Written by: Dra. Inma Costa
Edited by: Top Doctors®

Two of the latest non-invasive and long-lasting facial rejuvenation techniques treat flaccidity and dark circles : two workhorses that appear at 35-40 years of age and can now be combined without going through the operating room.

Incipient flaccidity

Until now, to have a well defined facial contour without signs of flaccidity and without the expression of fatigue and fatigue, it could only be treated with a surgical facelift. At present, and thanks to the advances of Aesthetic Medicine, we use the technique of tensioning with suture threads .

There are several types: they are reabsorbible and usually carry cones, knots or spicules, which when anchored in the fat, pull the skin upwards.


The material can be polylactic acid (Silhouette soft ® ), coprolactone (Happy lift ® ), polydioxanone (PDO), also called "Korean threads", high technology, CE certificate and sanitary registry; are the same material used in cardiac sutures. In all cases, what is provoked is a retraction and tension of the skin, as well as a stimulation of the natural internal process of collagen induction , production of elastin, fibrin and hyaluronic acid, with which the skin presents better quality, greater thickness, uniformity and above all improvement of the flaccidity.

These threads are reabsorbed in a period of between 3 and 6 months, but the "lifting effect" lasts up to 18 months approximately, since although the thread is reabsorbed, it is the fibrosis that forms around it, which gives it the durability to this treatment.

You can place as many threads as each patient requires; and the areas that benefit most from this procedure are the eyebrows, forehead, lower third, mandibular arch, cheekbones, cheeks, neck and even the inner side of the arms.

This technique does not require incisions or bandages, is practically painless and the patient (both male and female), can be immediately incorporated into social life.

Eye bags

With the exaggerated solar exposure, night life, age, genetics, etc.. Although these also appear with age, they intensify and increase the dark circles. This happens because the fat that occupies the orbital rim is lost little by little and a sinking appears, this causes a thinner, darker or violet skin that gives an appearance of tiredness and sadness.

To improve this area with this problem, a molecule of hyaluronic acid has appeared, Redensity ® II, which does not retain water, so it does not edema (very frequent in the treatments of this area). The technique requires expert hands , because of the delicate nature of the area, I personally work with a cannula, that is, a needle that is not pointed, but has a blunt, atraumatic and painless tip, which guarantees a lower risk of bruising.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dra. Inma Costa
Aesthetic Medicine

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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