Is there an age limit to get a hair transplant?

Written by: Dr. José Córdoba Campos
Edited by: Top Doctors®

There is no specific age for a hair transplant can be performed. There are no age limits, provided the patient has good donor area.

The ancient technique of punch (doll hair) that was used in hair transplantation in the specialty of Plastic, Aesthetic and repaired only be performed on patients who were already bald. As the grafts were great, it was necessary to remove a skin cylinder half a centimeter in diameter in order to place the graft. Today, the grafts have such a small size that it is possible to place micro incisions.

capillary graft

Photograph showing the size of the needles that are used to make micro incisions. Have a size smaller than 1 millimeter.

These micro incisions are mixed hair without damaging patient. The grafted hair among the least populated areas, and the patient is mixed not only gains in density if not the most important thing is that it will not come to be bald, because as you go losing your hair will be grafted hair. Here is the secret of hair transplantation a START EARLY.

I have made ​​hair transplants in patients 16 years, but also in patients 70 years. It is necessary to note that the outcome of the hair transplant will always depend on the quality of donor hair. The extreme case is in patients with already very evident baldness, either by age or by a hair loss very early onset. If the patient has a good donor site no age limits.

Hair transplant

This photograph was taken in 1992 against a background of graph paper. Clearly shows the difference in the evolution of the technique: the size of the grafts. The smaller the graft, the greater the number of grafts that can be placed. On the left, the size of the pots ¨ shown that the technique employed to punch or doll hair. The size difference is evident over the years. Today micro grafts have even less than 1 millimeter.

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By Dr. José Córdoba Campos
Plastic surgery

Dr. Córdoba Campos is a premier specialist in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery with over 25 years of professional experience in Cosmetic Surgery, especially in hair transplantation. His first hair transplants, performed with the help of a single nurse, were from 200 to 300 grafts. Technique used sticks and microscope for cutting the grafts. At present, an average of 2,500 placed grafts (6250 hairs) in 4 hours. In the city of Valencia he had a team of six nurses. Years later, he formed a second team in Granada hair transplant. Since 2005, Dr. Cordoba Campos maintains a single computer to perform transplants in either of the two cities; since according to him the hands should be well trained and that can only be achieved based on making many hair transplants. Currently, this prestigious doctor has performed over 2,000 hair transplants.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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