They have increased cases of breast cancer?

Written by: Dr. Xavier González Farré
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Cases of breast cancer have increased in recent years. Currently, there are approximately 70 cases per 100,000 population per year. The increase occurred until 2000-2005, generally remained stable so far.

The increased incidence of breast cancer may be related to the aging population as it is a pathology cancer more common older, and the diagnosis is done increasingly by screening tests.

As shown in figure, appears to have reached a plateau, ie a stabilization in the figures of onset of breast cancer.

breast cancer appearance

Risk factors for breast cancer

Some risk factors associated with breast cancer are such as alcohol, smoking, obesity and physical inactivity. Early menarche and late menopause, the absence of pregnancy or they are late, also increase the risk of breast cancer. On the other hand, pregnancy and lactation in young age reduce the risk of breast cancer.


Breast cancer management

In the last two or three years, there have been several innovations in the treatment of localized breast cancer HER2 + and triple negative; Having discovered new drugs to these aggressive cancers. Furthermore, in the situation of advanced breast cancer have also been significant advances in more effective and less toxic drugs.

Spain has a cancer care of all first-rate, with nothing to envy to neighboring countries and even countries like the US. Furthermore, the level of Spanish cancer research is very high.


Prevention and early detection

Although the risk of cancer has an important role chance, a percentage of approximately 10% of cases have a strong hereditary link. In families where there are multiple cases of breast or ovarian cancer it is wise to seek counseling to see if there may be indications of genetic study, particularly in cases that occur in young people.

To reduce the risk of cancer is essential to avoid alcohol, smoking, weight control and physical exercise performed at least three times a week.



There are myths about breast cancer among the population. Some of them are:

  • "Cancer is contagious." Cancer is a disease of the genes that are not contagious.
  • "There are male and female cancer cancer." False
  • "The mobile phone causes cancer". Studies show that the energy emitted by the mobile phone is low intensity, making it very difficult that can damage DNA.
  • "The use of deodorants cause breast cancer." Currently there is nothing to prove it.
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By Dr. Xavier González Farré
Medical Oncology

Dr. González Farré is a renowned specialist in Medical Oncology. She has extensive training in different fields of the specialty, being an expert in breast cancer and urological tumors. In addition, Dr. Gonzalez is a principal investigator in numerous clinical trials of breast cancer and other tumors. It works closely with the Oncology Laboratory to offer a molecular diagnosis and personalized treatments according to the genetic characteristics of each patient. He is currently clinical coordinator of Oncology at the Hospital General de Catalunya.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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