practical guide for parents and siblings of children with autism

Written by: Dr. Manuel Antonio Fernández Fernández
Published: | Updated: 05/11/2018
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What parents should indicate the brothers (older or younger) children with autism?

Siblings of children with neurological problems also suffer complications parent family. Unfortunately, there is little information about. However, awareness of the issue is growing and is beginning to raise the integration of brothers in managing the global needs of family support.

The specific situation of the brothers within each family will vary and depend on the age of each and their position in the order of age. Older generally are good caregivers because very familiar with the characteristics and needs of their brothers. Instead, children need more support from parents.

One way or another, parents must deal with as naturally as possible the situation of your child with autism in daily life and that includes the management of brothers.


Are there games or guidelines involving the brothers / sisters and help the affected child?

Depending on the level of involvement of the autistic boy, games or activities they can share with their brothers vary. According or speak, according to his intellectual level ... But in general, games that develop in electronic devices such as tablets or computers help them to share activities and time, while allowing them to focus their attention.


A younger brother, can develop autism to imitate his brother?

Of course not. One thing is that there is a significant genetic basis for autism and other than a brother develop such behavior by imitation. The natural tendency of neurological development of children is normal. If there is no factor that gravely affects not have to appear this type of conduct or behavior.


What advise parents who they are in this situation?

One of the mainstays of everyday life of families of children with autism is therapy. Integrate it to all members of the family is the best way to avoid inequalities or neglect in relation to other members. The goal of every professional in Neurology Pediatric is that the patient 's relatives know and collaborate on their needs through these therapy sessions.

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By Dr. Manuel Antonio Fernández Fernández
Pediatric neurology

Dr. Fernández Fernández is a specialist in Pediatric Neurology, an expert in the treatment of behavioral disorders and learning disorders Pediatrician. With over 10 years experience, is currently coordinator of the Andalusian Institute of Pediatric Neurology Pediatric Neurology and ADHD Group of the European Society of Pediatric Neurology. During his long career he has published several articles in scientific journals Pediatric Neurology, Neuropsychology and developmental disorders.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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