Guide for parents of children with ADHD

Written by: Dr. Manuel Antonio Fernández Fernández
Published: | Updated: 20/06/2019
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How can signs of ADHD in children?

ADHD symptoms can vary with age and it is important for parents to be alert about. The core symptoms (inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity) can appear at any age, but in every life stage dominates one over the other.

In the preschool years (Early Childhood Education), dominates the combined hyperactivity impulsivity:

  • Nervousness
  • constant movements
  • continuing concerns

This attitude often causes discipline problems, as orders from parents and teachers, difficulty interacting with children of their age and learning problems, and reading.

At school age (primary education), lack of attention used to be prominent. This behavior leads to problems of academic performance, reading, writing, etc.. Sometimes only it comes with attention deficit hyperactivity or impulsivity.

During adolescence (Secondary Education), the most serious problems are the impulsivity. Any guy at this age is complicated, but if we add difficulties in schools, in social relationships, behavior ... Adolescence is a very difficult age these guys.


Are there support groups or centers where they can go?

Unfortunately these centers are few and are generally grouped into patient associations. Families are having to come together to seek support. The center has INANP Neuropsychology and Psychology specialists with great experience in this area to help parents and children.


What should the relatives of children with ADHD once diagnosed?

The best attitude to take once a child has been diagnosed with ADHD is trained and informed to the fullest. In some centers, the professionals in Pediatrics collaborate with patient organizations to train parents in these needs and further develop group courses. Within these, customized workshops are included depending on the needs of each family. Information is power, and power must be for them to get families to properly care for the health and development of children with ADHD.


How they should act against the disorder?

First we must accept it and accept it as normal. There is no vital drama have ADHD. Obviously supposed difficulties and complications that require daily assistance, support or treatment to be solved. However, ADHD can be managed properly if detected at an early stage. Besides, not everything is bad in ADHD. There are many positive details and specially developed qualities (creativity, friendship, enthusiasm, sports skills ...) it should be recalled and explode.


When your child is diagnosed with ADHD, parents must inform the school quickly?

This is a controversial issue that depends more on the specific characteristics of each school and its staff, which the boy itself. If the intended disposition of the center is good, perfect, but if not, the result may backfire. In any case, parents should enforce the educational rights of their children.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. Manuel Antonio Fernández Fernández
Pediatric neurology

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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