Gineplástica: Vaginal Rejuvenation

Written by: Dra. Montserrat Salvador López
Edited by: Top Doctors®

Female genital rejuvenation is a very broad field that has been forgotten for a long time.

Throughout the life of a woman goes through many changes, such as pregnancy and childbirth, which can affect your intimate area. After delivery usually relax the vaginal wall and changes occur in the laxity of the pelvis. The greater the number of births, the greater the risk of losing the initial firmness. The solution that had so far was the Hipopresiva gymnastics, which has favorable results, but requires proper training and perseverance.

With menopause appear different effects: 

  • Pruritis or itching, both vagina and around 
  • vaginal dryness 
  • Mucosal atrophy 
  • Pain and discomfort during sexual intercourse. 

So far these effects have been treated with creams, which relieve symptoms but do not address the root problem. There are a number of pathologies that close the introitus and vagina, becoming disabling.

Also, genitals also suffer the aging process: 

  • Sagging labia majora 
  • Hyperpigmentation of the area 
  • Pick of the labia minora 
  • Accumulation of fat in the labia majora

Gineplástica: what it is and results

The new laser treatments are helpful. The relationship gynecologist and specialist in plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery is essential for the diagnosis of the problems mentioned. Laser treatments are brand new, with very good prospects in the treatment of these pathologies.

Laser treatment is indicated to correct urinary incontinence, pelvic laxity and narrowing of the vagina. It is a simple treatment that is performed under local anesthesia in consultation cream.

The results obtained in the patients are satisfactory in 85% of cases. It is not painful or uncomfortable at the time of realization and the days after the treatment the patient may notice a slight stinging, which is solved with adequate hydration. From the experience obtained it can be concluded that the results are stable and definitive, at least two years away.

The laser also improves atrophy of the vaginal mucosa. Application to the vaginal walls produces a cell stimulus and a substantial increase in mucosal thickness, improving lubrication. In cases of severe dryness and extreme atrophy introito, treatment can be terminated with an infiltration of hyaluronic acid. The effect is immediate and improvement over the first month post-injection because the product is able to absorb more water.


Benefits of Gineplástica

The Gineplástica makes sexual relations are not painful, to increase sexual desire and frequency of intercourse. They stimulate secretory glands and, therefore, improves the lubrication and the degree of acidity of the area. The correct pH helps reduce local infections such as candidiasis.

It has also been shown that injection of hyaluronic acid in scars, after natural childbirth, loosens and relaxes the walls, reducing pain.

In the treatment of lichen sclerosus a higher dose of hyaluronic acid or repeat injection is required at six months. Now it is working to develop a protocol, but the prospects are good in terms of improving symptoms of a process that has not yet symptomatic treatment.

Experience shows that the gineplástica definitely worth it because it will improve the quality of the intimate life of many women, thus regaining the libido, quality and frequency of sexual intercourse.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dra. Montserrat Salvador López
Plastic surgery

Dr. Salvador López is one of the most recognized specialists. She dedicates herself exclusively to facial and body aesthetic surgery and to breast reconstruction as a plastic surgeon at the prestigious Corachan Clinic in Barcelona. His experience has also made him part of the Breast Cancer Committee of the same center. His areas of interest are cosmetic surgery, microsurgery, breast reconstruction and lower limb reconstruction. Likewise, she also works at GinePlástica, the female intimate surgery unit at the Corachán Clinic.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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