Emotional management

Written by: Dra. Margarita Corominas Roso
Published: | Updated: 14/10/2018
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Have you had a tough week and you feel exhausted? Do you frequently get up on the wrong day and do not know, but you can not do anything to improve how you feel? Are you angry at all, you feel irritable and jump at the slightest, and do not know how to feel better? Do you worry a lot about everything, you become obsessed, some days I do not stop spinning to a topic? Do you feel anxious or depressed, without energy and not know why?


emotional management Emotions are a fundamental part of our daily lives. They warn us of what is happening around us, and also allow us to adapt effectively to the environment in which we live. When emotions work well, they are our best ally to go through life.

The problem begins when emotions overflow, though in many cases not know why. When this happens, they work against us and not in our favor, and in most cases there is no way to solve it by ourselves. Unable to control our emotions means that they direct our lives on the wrong path.

Knowing our emotions

Learning to manage emotions both positive and negative is basic, plus covert emotions, those that we can not easily identify.

It is an exciting learning process, which often can not do it alone, especially when we feel overwhelmed. Using tools like neurofeedback help us to calm the brain, and this tranquility, may be able to learn how to improve our emotional management.

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Dra. Margarita Corominas Roso

By Dra. Margarita Corominas Roso

The Dra. Margarita Corominas Roso is Psicologa and doctor of pharmacy. His career developed as psicobiologa Psychiatry Service of the Hospital Universitario Vall d\' Hebron in Barcelona. Responsible for clinical research projects, has relationships with research centers nationally and internationally. She is an expert on the effects of stress and brain plasticity. A clinical level has AMPLICA experience in neurofeedback and emotional management strategies, ADHD and other disorders. He has participated in numerous national and international conferences, and has published articles in scientific journals in the field. She is the author of websites:NeuroClassics and NeuroConsult and is a member of several international groups such as the European Society of Neuropsychopharmacology and the International Group of Neurofeedback EEGInfo.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection