Anal fissure:symptoms, surgery and false legends

Written by: Dr. Kubrat Sajonia Coburgo
Edited by: Top Doctors®

Dr. Kubrat Saxony, proctologo Top Doctors, we speak of Anal Fissure.

¿What is an anal fissure and symptoms present


anal fissure is a wound that occurs in the last section of the digestive tract, ie in the anal region. People confuse fissure, fistula, hemorrhoids… each pathology in proctologia has its own idiosyncrasies. As I said, a fissure is a wound. Wound characterized by a severe pain, not both at the time of deposition, but especially after. Patients go to the bathroom and ten minutes begin with a pain that is characterized by being very durable, ie, it is a pain that can last hours. A very severe pain that does not refer to any type of conventional soothing.

¿, consisting in the operation of anal fissure


On the surgery run crack black legends. The first is that it is an extremely painful surgery. This is absolutely false as long as you operate someone to do it properly. The second is that patients who are incontinent operate fissure. This is also completely false and I would like to emphasize in this regard because people hold on, do not operate crack, because they have been told you are going to be incontinent. The surgery involves making a tiny incision on one of the two sphincters we have in the anal sphincter complex, in particular on the internal anal sphincter. When a patient has A fissure is because it has an excess of muscle tone, excessive force in the sphincter. You will not be left with less force, playing, you will leave the force corresponding. Cracks should always be treated first with medical treatment, and want to make an emphasis there. People often mistakenly treated the remedies for hemorrhoids. Cracks require specific medical treatment with ointments muscle relaxant, as can be Rectogesic or compounding basis of muscle relaxants. When the patient does not respond to medical treatment is when to operate. As I say it is a delicate but important intervention, in which the patient is admitted for a few hours, is performed under local anesthesia and sedation and is discharged on the same morning of the intervention.

¿, are As the postoperative recovery ?¿, you can back out


The operation of anal fissure, which goes by the name of internal lateral sphincterotomy, is an intervention that is performed under local anesthesia and sedation. It has a very simple postoperative patient and not true it painful. The only thing required is hygiene, ie washing of the wound with soap and water, and take an antibiotic. Downtimes never exceed one week provided a complication does not occur, such as wound infection. I always say a fissure surgery the day after the intervention patient is always better than when I was annoyed with the crack. Even at 2-3 days a patient could resume normal working life without great inconvenience. Many patients ask us if This intervention is final. Yes. When an internal lateral sphincterotomy is performed correctly made ​​is almost impossible for the patient to return to have or develop a chronic anal fissure.

Ultimately, anal fissure surgery when performed correctly and the technological contributions as a CO2 laser is an extremely operative surgery and almost would not affect the working life of the patient can resume 2-3 days to her job


*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. Kubrat Sajonia Coburgo
Colon & Rectal Surgery

Expert surgeon in anal pathologies, with special skill in the use of CO2 laser for this type of operations, accumulates extensive experience in various hospitals in Madrid. He holds the certificate in colo-proctology of one of the world reference centers of the specialty, St. Mark's and Northwick Park Hospital. NHS Trust of London.

Author of numerous articles of the specialty and assistant to presentations and conferences, the doctor is also a member of the advisory board of Tokuda Hospital and a member of the advisory board of the health consultant Mensor. He currently visits his patients at the Quirón San Camilo Hospital.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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