Aesthetic physiotherapy after Lifting

Written by: Daniel Meningaud
Published: | Updated: 13/11/2018
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The facelift is the cosmetic surgery that aims disappearance or reduction of wrinkles that appear on the face. The operation consists of a series of incisions behind the ear, scalp, then performing a stretching of the skin on the face until no wrinkles are observed; Finally we proceed to sutured in place where previously the incisions were made.


What is the protocol to follow after undergoing a facelift?

After cosmetic surgery, the patient should go to the clinic every two days to undergo cures professionals. One week after surgery, the patient will contact the physiotherapist. Typically, the patient does not feel immediately satisfied and express rejection by observing that after the intervention, the expected effects are not immediate. Here comes into play the fundamental role of the physiotherapist, besides applying their techniques, will be a key psychological support patient rehabilitation.

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What are the side effects of a facelift?

Depending on the type of lift, external manifestations may be different. Face and neck show edemas and hematomas. These reactions are normal because the immune system defends causing this inflammation.


How you can fight the side effects of a facelift?

To minimize these effects it begins to deal with lymphatic drainage.

After a probing lymph fluid saturation is seen in the same. The technique used is that of pressing the lymph nodes, which are like sponges to absorb liquid.

Once localized edema, will be employed technique reabsorption locally, considering:

  • Address: edema should be directed to the lymph nodes, to absorb it .
  • Pressure: must be fair and adequate.

The session will end with a new pressure on the lymph nodes. Once the technique can be seen as an attenuation of edema. For best results it is advisable to undergo two or three sessions per week, extending treatment six to ten sessions.

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By Daniel Meningaud
Physical therapy

Daniel Meningaud, director of Clinique DMO, is a renowned specialist in Physiotherapy and Osteopathy. He has extensive professional experience in France and in Spain, and with knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine. He has worked in the service functional rehabilitation of France, which back the best school in the country is considered: Hotel Dieu de Paris. Currently, besides working at his clinic in Madrid, directs the Department of Physiotherapy and Osteopathic Clinic recognized Ocean Clinic in Marbella.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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