Fibromyalgia: diagnòstic i tractament

Written by: Dr. Ramón Costa Dalmau
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Fibromyalgia (FM) is a clinical syndrome of unknown cause characterized by chronic, general pain, not articular, which predominates in the muscles and rachis, as well as an exaggerated and extensive local sensitivity to pressure in multiple predefined punts.According to the EPISER 2000 study, Spain's prevalence rate is 2.7%, with a ratio of 9 to 1. The seva maximum incidence is troba in the fourth decade of life. Fibromyalgia accounts for between 10% and 15% of those who are referred for primary care.

For its diagnosis, it is clear from the American College of Rheumatology (ACR) classification criteria of 1990: general pain at three mesos of evolution and pain at 11 of the 18 points sensitive to the digital palpació. Els nous criteris diagnòstics proposats the 2010 consist in an Index of General Pain (WPI) and a Severity Rating Scale (SS-Score).It is currently recommended to classify fibromyalgia in 3 grups, according to whether it is associated with depression, an important functional dysfunction or the existence of psychopathological alterations.


Diagnostics of fibromyography

There is no evidence of laboratori or specific complementary exploration for the diagnosis and assessment of the consequences of malaltia in the qualitat of life and functional capacity of the afects.The need for an objective test in this pathology is essential at the clinical, clinical, and legal levels.Fibromyalgia has ceased to be considered a musculo-skeletal peripheral malalitis and the reconnaissance that is the anomalous process of pain that causes seva sensibilització central i això is the neurobiological basis that explains most of the symptoms that pateixen the patients together Genetic factors, endocrins, the bad qualitat of the son, the psychosocial stress and the physical traumatisme.


Tractament of Fibromyalgia

The technicians of cerebral neuroimatge assume a revolution in the coneixement of chronic pain and allow the specialists in Rheumatology to evaluate the patients who pateixen varus typus of chronic painful disorders with fibromia in a minimally invasive form.Differences technically in magnetic functional brain resonance permit the study of the degree of activity of the different cerebral zones in which the pain is treated with the seva connectivitat and neurophysiological activitat.Magnetic functional resonance is the complementary exploration that has more probabilitats of turning the fibromygia into a visible, objectivable and valuelable malaltia. Multiple treballs have provided convincing evidence of the abnormal process of pain from the patients to the fibromyalgia, including a cerebral activitat that is correlated with excessive sensibilitat (hyperalgesia / allodynia), temporal summation and a painful perllongat of pain.The impact of fibromyggia als pacients transpasses the personal level, becoming a socio-economic problem due to health care expenses, reduction of labor productivity and social benefits that are derived.The most effective way is the multidisciplinary intervention of the social, personal and family levels, helping the malal i to his entorn, realitzant a biopsychosocial approach of malaltia. The efficacy of non-pharmacological treatment, with physical exercise, psychotherapy, feedback and occupational therapy, is also demonstrated.In all respects, fibromyalgia continues to be a major medical challenge that has integrated the field of neurobiology into the psychosocial aspects of the patient.


Fibromyalgia in the art

The Mexican painter Frida Kahlo was born in 1907 and started a car accident in 18 years, with multiple fractures, highlighting L3 i L4. The pain, the fatigue and the lack of love will always accompany the unfortunate existence of the artist who will pose his life in 1954.

A "The broken column", the artist is represents the face llagrimosa and the spine with an architectural column stenciled in varis punts. Also observe multiple xinxetes or petits claus clavats per tot his corporal territory. Probably it will develop a fibromygia triggered by traumatism of the accident.



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Dr. Ramón Costa Dalmau

By Dr. Ramón Costa Dalmau

Renowned specialist in rheumatology, Dr. Costa Dalmau is also expert in personal injury. He graduated in inflammatory rheumatism and systemic diseases from the University of Montpellier and also has a master's degree in Valuation of bodily harm and medical experts from the University of Barcelona. He is a member of various medical societies and has participated in numerous conferences and symposia.

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