Evolution of breast implants during pregnancy

Written by: Dr. Ramón Calderón Nájera
Published: | Updated: 14/11/2018
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Breast augmentation is one of the demands within the operations branch of cosmetic surgery , but what happens when a woman becomes pregnant breast implants?


Pregnancy and breast prostheses

breast pregnancy During pregnancy and subsequent breastfeeding increase the volume of the chest of the woman who sometimes changes the shape thereof is produced. It should be noted that these changes can occur whether the woman wears dentures like is not operated.

There is considerable individual variation in the way these changes and their subsequent amendment breast shape are produced, with the type of skin you have to protect the patient or not these changes. Generally, it is assumed that breast implants may protect against changes in shape after pregnancy and lactation to act as a support or "internal pillar" to hold the breasts in place and prevent it from falling. At this point, we must clarify that this may make sense especially when the implants are placed under the muscle, since the weight of the implant does not fall both on the skin of the chest.

Another interesting point to note is that the number of pregnancies also affects the subsequent fall of the chest. The chest usually hold in a first pregnancy if the patient has breast prosthesis, but there is obviously more likely to drop breast prosthesis with subsequent pregnancies. In these cases where the chest falls, the prosthesis remains in pectoral muscle attached to and below the place, being the mammary gland which slides down over the implant, requiring reoperation in these cases the patient, relocating areola to a higher position.

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By Dr. Ramón Calderón Nájera
Plastic surgery

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