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Written by: Dra. Eva Ferrer Vidal-Barraquer
Published: | Updated: 25/10/2018
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Running, like any other sport, it is based on a technique, "running technique". From small, when we play in the schoolyard or on the street, and started running, but everyone does it his way. Nobody teaches us to run.

running The facility offers makes anyone running set to run regardless to run requires a minimum knowledge. One of the mistakes by runners, for example, is not to give importance to the trunk. If the person has a strong and stable trunk reduces the risk of injury.

Specialists Sports Medicine , say that the major injuries suffered runners are shin splints, tendonitis of the Achilles tendon or patellofemoral syndrome.

The severity of the injury depends on the conditions under which it occurs. For example, if a recurring or injury, or anatomical area affected. Many times more than the injury itself, gravity ends up being determined by the response of the corridor at the time who is injured. When despite feeling minor discomfort, obviating go and continue with the normal routine, they can end up becoming pain and even functional impotence. Thus, the severity of injury is determined not only by objective factors, but also by the actions taken on them.


Tips to run without injury

Running without injury is difficult because the "zero risk" does not exist, simply because of the fact that there are "accidental" injuries. However, yes that can take into account certain tips to avoid injuries when practicing this sport, which among others are:

  • Know and listen to your own body: to know the weaknesses and strengths to know should be stressed to prevent injuries may affect them .
  • Set realistic goals
  • Use suitable material (shoes, socks, etc.)
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By Dra. Eva Ferrer Vidal-Barraquer
Sports Medicine

Dr. Ferrer Vidal-Barraquer is a recognized specialist in Sports Medicine. Founder and Director of the Women's Sport initiative is part of the Sports Medicine Unit of the Hospital Sant Joan de Deu de Barcelona. He has published two books on running "Change of life, get to run," and "Running without injury. Is it possible?". He is a member of the Catalan Society of Medicine of Sport.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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