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Written by: Dra. Fe Galera Molero
Published: | Updated: 04/11/2018
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Cosmetic dentistry solves problems of oral health and aesthetic harmony smile. Most treatments are simple and immediate. However, it is necessary maintenance with proper oral hygiene and regular checkups.

Dental Aesthetics: What is

Aesthetic perception as a term means, from the Greek aesthesis. Based on this definition, we can define cosmetic dentistry as an application of science and art to develop or highlight smile as beauty.

Cosmetic dentistry or cosmetic dentistry is therefore paragraph of dentistry that solves problems related to oral health and aesthetic harmony of the mouth as a whole.


Main Dental Aesthetics treatments and recommendations

According to experts in Dentistry and Stomatology , most treatments for good dental aesthetics are simple and immediate. Some even can be done in one session with excellent results. However, it is important to remember that should be performed based on proper hygiene maintenance and periodic reviews.

In this sense, the treatments available are very diverse dentistry:- Restorative treatments: fillings- Hygiene and Prophylaxis cleanings- Periodontal Gum Treatments- Orthodontic treatment equipment, braces or invisible braces- Aesthetic composite or porcelain veneers- Cases and prostheses in general- Teeth whiteningAll treatments are usually minimally invasive, but should always be followed the recommendations of the dentist and performed in the correct order. For example, never must carry a tooth whitening in the presence of caries.


Correctable problems or diseases with treatments Dental Aesthetics

With cosmetic dentistry you can solve different types of problems:• Malformations and dental asymmetries in children and in adults.• Diastemas or separation between the teeth, which impede hygiene and, in some cases, aesthetics in previous sectors• Change in color malformation, drug disorders after trauma or endodontic treatment• Caries on the side closest to the gum or wear at that level caused by malocclusion or abuse brushing• Broken teeth after trauma (very common in children).

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By Dra. Fe Galera Molero

Dr. Galera Molero is a renowned dentist, specializing in geriatric dentistry. In addition, he has focused his career on the oral health of the elderly, which applies the latest technologies in dentistry at the Mediterranean Clinic Murcia. He also specializes in endodontics and restorative dentistry. She graduated in Dentistry from the University of Murcia, certified Research Aptitude from the same university. It also has various degrees and diplomas in Geriatrics and Gerodontology and Endodontics and Restorative Dentistry. Moreover, note that a doctorate in dentistry from the University of Murcia. It is active in several associations dedicated to dentistry member, and has also participated in numerous conferences nationally and internationally.

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