Dental Aesthetics: combining for an aesthetic and harmonious smile

Written by: Dra. Assumpció Saurina
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Dental aesthetics for a beautiful and healthy smile

Dental aesthetics is multidisciplinary because the goal is to obtain an aesthetic and harmonic smile. For this we must treat both internal hard tissues odontologically with veneers, whitening, orthodontics, dental implants, but in turn all the soft structures around that would be the lips, the nasogenians, the peribucal wrinkles, the wrinkles of bitterness, and there are that work multidisciplinarily uniting both disciplines to obtain an excellent result.


Main treatments of Dental Aesthetics

The treatments in this union are multiple and the multiple combinations also. diagnosis is very important, a particular diagnosis for each patient. Look for your aging, your aging lines and look for ways to reverse them. I will give some example, for example a person who comes because he really looks aged, looks bad, and we will have to analyze the reasons for this aging. In this case at the level of teeth we will have a loss of color, a darkness of these teeth that will require a whitening, perhaps there will be an atricción of the same, an important wear that will require a rehabilitation.



We will analyze and perform the treatment according to the diagnosis. in turn, this aging has also affected the facial level. We have a flaccidity, we have a tissue fall and an increase in wrinkles. This will also require a series of combined treatments, including a muscle stimulation, there may be the treatment with tensor yarns to reposition the fallen tissues, filling all sectors in which we have lost volumes with hyaluronic acid, with polycaprolactone , depending on the cases we are going to stimulate collagen, we are going to perform a global treatment of this face. We look for a facial aesthetic of the patient and this is the advantage of using both specialties.


Advantages of the union between Aesthetic Medicine and Dentistry

The advantage is absolute. The union of these 2 specialties has been the struggle of my whole life looking for the union of a facial aesthetics taking into account the hard and soft tissues that are involved to have it. This allows me to make an excellent diagnosis by giving the patient a joint vision of their dental and facial imperfections and all the possibilities we can have with different treatments to seek excellence in the results.


What is the future of dental aesthetics?

I see it extremely attached to facial aesthetics, in fact I am a pioneer. I think the ideal would be for the same professional to bring together both degrees, medicine and dentistry, this is extremely difficult and therefore I believe that the future will be multidisciplinary teams that will unite aesthetic medicine with dentistry whenever what is intended is look for this excellence in the results.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dra. Assumpció Saurina

Dr. Saurina is specialized in Cosmetic Smile dentist. During his extensive academic training, it has specialized in the latest techniques for oral health and dental aesthetics, with graduate degrees as an "excellence in composite veneers" or Invisalign Invisible Orthodontics Master, among others. Dr. Saurina currently dentist practices his profession as Medical Director in Clinical Saurina, while imparting training courses and participates as a speaker at conferences and lectures nationally and internationally.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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