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Written by: Dra. Pilar Garrido Lapeña
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Aesthetics is a branch of art that is related to the perception of beauty and harmony. This led to the dental field, it leads to cosmetic dentistry or cosmetic dentistry.


What is cosmetic dentistry?

Dentist patient Cosmetic dentistry allows the patient to achieve a harmonious smile, seeking a balance between horizontal and vertical lines of the face and teeth.

In today's society, appearance is one of the most sought values, but professionals in dentistry always taken into account along with oral health and function.


Cosmetic dentistry treatments

According to specialists in dentistry , among the most performed cosmetic treatments are the following:

  • Dental veneers: veneers also called, is a technique based on coating the affected part in order to improve their appearance. Also these teeth serve to improve problems caused by pathological cavities, fractures, color changes, etc.
  • Recontouring dental aesthetic: this treatment is based on polishing and model teeth to give them a more harmonious way with the aim of giving greater aesthetics and achieve harmony with the face in which are embedded teeth, always considering occlusion patient and trying to prevent fractures.
  • Whitening This treatment, perhaps one of the best known, it is based on the tonal reduction of the teeth, making them whiter and brighter.


Keeping a healthy mouth

To maintain a healthy and aesthetic mouth is essential to maintain proper hygiene, using the appropriate brush and accessories that best fit the needs of each patient (dental floss, mouthwash, etc.). Also, review the minimum teeth once a year, and do the maintenance of all treatments carried out previously with some regularity.

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By Dra. Pilar Garrido Lapeña

Dr. Garrido's Degree in Medicine and Surgery, and Dentistry specialist. The doctor, with 30 years of experience, has a degree in Operative Dentistry and Endodontics and a Master of Public Health and Health Education. He has also made numerous publications and conference presentations.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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