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Written by: Dr. Miguel Beltrán Andreu
Edited by: Top Doctors®

Aesthetic Dentistry is a set of techniques that we can apply to improve the aesthetic appearance of the patients' smile. From classical orthodontics, which seeks to change the position of the teeth through so-called "appliances", through microsurgery techniques that improve the appearance and health of the gums, archipublicizados "whitening", and methods of improving the appearance of the teeth through porcelain restorations, of which the facets or veneers are the star-process.

Personally, before proposing an aesthetic treatment, I consider the overall health of the mouth more important. Many people have been demanding aesthetic treatments and, when they open their mouths, you can see that what they need at the beginning and, very urgently, is to replace missing teeth, heal very inflamed gums, or fix some broken teeth, which are not visible , they do not consider them important.

You have to be very clear about the priorities, and in Chiron the first thing, of course, is health, and after getting it we can start talking about aesthetics.

Teeth whitening

Dental whitening can be very effective, but the previous diagnosis is basic, that is, knowing what type of staining each one has, what is its origin and what is the best way to treat it. There are some forms of staining like tetracyclines, which is caused by the antibiotic that is called, which leaves the gray teeth if children take them at the time they are forming.

That happened very often in people of our generation; well, this type of staining, whitening only caresses him, be it a conventional one, with LEDs, with lasers, with the atomic bomb or with whatever. However, there are other more moderate stains in which whitening techniques are highly effective, in some cases even with a single session of one hour.


Orthodontics, which today are both adults and children, is one of the greatest tools of dental aesthetics.

Porcelain veneers

The facets or veneers are a technique of extraordinary utility in aesthetic dentistry. On the one hand, they are useful in many situations, such as broken teeth, worn teeth, with small turns or malpositions, with cavities already fixed but that have not left a beautiful tooth, even in the cases of severe or intense staining that we mentioned earlier in which whitening does not work.

In addition, to place them you do not have to touch up much the tooth, as in the case of the classic covers, but you have to remove little enamel: they are a much more respectful treatment with the tooth. They give an aspect of health and incredible dental beauty.

To get perfect teeth through porcelain facets we need three things: materials, professionals who know the technique and know how to apply them to each case as it is most convenient.

The best materials are also necessary in terms of porcelains, obviously, there are many in the market and not all are equal. Finally, it is also essential that the ceramist or laboratory technician have an artist's hand; It is not the same to do a correct job as a job with a soul.


*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. Miguel Beltrán Andreu

Dr. Miguel Beltran is a recognized specialist in dental implants and one of the main references in immediate implants and immediate loading on implants. His knowledge in prosthetics and dental aesthetics, coupled with its extensive experience in implantology, make it to be considered as an expert in cases of oral rehabilitation.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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