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Approximately 10% of cases of female infertility have a genetic origin , this includes the chromosomal alterations that can cause abortions, for example. In addition to the genetic factor, there are three other causes that are also responsible for female sterility. First, the ovarian factor, that is, those cases in which ovulation does not occur (polycystic ovarian syndrome, absence of ovulation, etc.). Another cause is the alterations of the internal anatomy of the uterus, which is known as uterine factor (polyps, myomas, endometriosis, etc.).. Also the tubal factor or obstruction of the fallopian tubes can be a cause.

Detect sterility

The process of diagnosing female sterility begins, normally, with a hormonal study and an ultrasound to the woman, and a study of semen to the male. Depending on the results of these tests, additional studies may be needed.

The hormonal study in women must be done within a few days of the cycle, so you must wait to perform them at that precise moment. The menstrual cycle of the woman (considering as day 1 the first day of the rule), is the one that will determine both the diagnosis process and treatment, since everything will depend on the response of the ovaries of each woman and in each cycle.

Combined sterility

There may be cases in which both the man and the woman present sterility so that the couple faces a double sterility that hinders the process of pregnancy and fertilization. In other cases, it may be that each member of the couple is independently fertile but can not conceive together without assistance. Combined sterility occurs, therefore, when there is sometimes a female factor and an associated male factor, which are responsible for sterility.


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