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Written by: Dr. Albert Ginés Cespedosa
Published: | Updated: 17/11/2018
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Corachan Clinic has a service orthopedic surgery -Traumatología Lenox Corachan- composed of specialists in each anatomical region locomotor constituting different units. The specialization of professionals has contributed significantly amejorar the results of surgery skeletal injuries, while minimized the risks and complications that these might pose for the patient.

Unit Foot and Ankle Dr the form. Carlo Gamba and I. Both guarantee a specialized in pathologies of this anatomical region care. Currently a large number of these can be minimally invasively, practicing surgery with minimal surgical approach. Which reduces postoperative pain and allows more rapid recovery. Another important advantage of these techniques is applied on an outpatient basis without hospitalization.

We treat joint disease by arthroscopic surgery, the most common ankle arthroscopy. Through a small incision, we put a camera in the ankle that allows us to see an external monitor its components (cartilage, ligaments, synovial membrane), and allows us to identify and repair the pathologies associated with these structures.

Through another small incision, we introduce a set of tools specifically designed for the repair of these lesions. So, we try aftermath of sprains repetition. We can try anterior / posterior ankle grips (bone formations that appear in the anterior / posterior ankle). allows us to repair ankle ligaments when produce failure in the joint or the "wounds" in the cartilage (osteochondral lesions). It even helps us practice ankle arthrodesis.

Another form of minimally invasive surgery practiced in our unit is called tendoscopia. We introduce a small chamber between the lining of the tendon and the tendon itself, creating a virtual space between blowing water. This allows us to repair tears or inflammation of peroneal tendons, posterior tibial or aquiles using the same instruments in arthroscopic surgery.

Another form of minimally invasive surgery on the foot and ankle surgery is percutaneous forefoot. small incisions through which we introduce small metal cutters are made similar to those used by the dentist. These strawberries cut the bone when we activate at high speed, allowing correct deformities as mild bunion pain in the foot, claw fingers or tailor's bunion.

All these pathologies, after being operated in a minimally invasive and associated with an effective anesthetic technique, given the discharge on the same day of surgery with a reduced postoperative pain and a faster recovery.

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By Dr. Albert Ginés Cespedosa
Orthopaedic Surgery

Prominent orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Ginés Cespedosa specializes in foot and ankle and is a member of Foot and Ankle Unit of Surgery and Traumatology LENOX Corachan. Graduated from the University of Barcelona and Doctorate in Medicine and Surgery from the Autonomous University of Barcelona with rated Excellent "Cum Laude" - is now associated to the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Member of numerous medical societies and national and European scientists, has published many scientific papers.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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