Sclerosis of varicose veins with ultrasound -guided foam

Written by: Dra. Claudia Beatriz Mitru
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Varicose veins are a disease of the venous system, which is characterized by the appearance of venous lacerations in the lower limbs, as a result of a deficiency in the return of blood to the heart.

There are multiple factors that can produce varicose veins, but the most common are hereditary factors, working many hours standing or sitting and making effort that requires lifting.

On the other hand, pregnancy, lack of physical activity and hormonal factors can influence the appearance of this disease.

Varicose symptoms

The symptoms are varied but generally comply with a chronology. It starts with a problem only aesthetic, it continues with fatigue and heaviness of the legs, then progressing appearing edema (swelling) in the ankles and, finally, changes in color and skin quality, to complete the most advanced stage of the disease with ulcers of lower limbs.


Varicose sclerosis with foam guided by ultrasound

This is a method that has revolutionized the treatment of venous disease. It consists in the application of a foam or micro foam in the varicose vein that is affected.

This application requires a specialist Echograph to identify the affected vein, since otherwise it would not be visible. This way we can inject the foam that will solve the problem.

With the foam method, only 3 or 4 sessions are needed to treat the disease. It is possible with so few sessions, because thanks to ultrasound we treat the diseased vein in its origin with better results.

Ultrasound-guided foam sessions last approximately 15 minutes, and the patient continues with his usual tasks since leaving the office.

Benefits of this treatment

It is a type of treatment that presents numerous benefits for the patient with varicose veins:

- Does not require an operating room or anesthesia.

- It does not preclude the application of other methods of treatment, in case they were necessary.

- Does not require rest after the session.

- It's not painful for the patient.


*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dra. Claudia Beatriz Mitru

Dr. Claudia Beatriz Mitru is a specialist in General Surgery and Digestive with extensive professional experience in treatment of varicose veins, wall pathology and emergency surgery. Now part of the team Assistència Surgical Barcelona.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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