Understanding our body as a global element

Written by: Óscar Hernández Amigó
Edited by: Top Doctors®

Osteopathy is a fully manual care approach, which aims to restore proper mobility in the different structures of the body. It is a technique that understands the person and your health as a whole and not as isolated mechanisms. In osteopathy working on all elements of the body, whether joint, muscle, vascular, etc., for better functioning of the body as long as there is no pathology or injury requiring intervention medical.


One of the basic principles of osteopathy is the relationship between structure and function;if for example a change in mobility of a rib could alter respiratory function, or vice versa. To achieve the desired results, it must be observed with attention the vital capacity of the individual, as well as the correct blood perfusion and drainage, and neurological relationships to better tailor treatment.

One indication of this therapy appears when conventional medical treatment is not answered, and is a good option when the patient has pain that is not justified although additional tests done. The fact be a manual therapy is a great virtue that makes osteopathy very beneficial to the patient work.


Pain is the symptom most commonly discussed in the consultation osteopathy, especially one that is manifested in the skeletal muscle system like back pain, joint pain, sports injuries, etc. At certain stages of pregnancy can also be very beneficial if applied osteopathy as it can intervene in cases of inadequate fetal position or avoid certain pains resulting from the process.

The treatment is performed by a therapist with a thorough anamnesis, aiming to get as much information about the patient. From here, we performed a general exploration considering all the elements of your body in order to confirm or rule out the possibilities that arise. All this, with the use of the most appropriate function of the information that is extracted from the patient techniques.


*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection
 Óscar Hernández Amigó

By Óscar Hernández Amigó

Director recognized Osteopathic Clinic Barcelona, ​​with extensive training in different national and international specialty courses. In turn, he teaches and clinical tutor at the School of Osteopathy Barcelona Pompeu Fabra.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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