Venous circulation diseases, new treatments

Written by: Dr. Xavier Puncernau
Edited by: Top Doctors®

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There are many venous diseases and, in recent years, progress has been made in their respective treatments


For many years, diseases of the veins have been trivialized as well as their treatments, usually highly aggressive and poor results.

In the last decades, the team of vascular surgery at Laser Surgery Unit Teknon Medical Center in Barcelona and the hospital Rey Don Jaime de Castellon have been investigating new therapeutic methods in relation to venous disease.


Venous insufficiency

Son varices with small or large size that alter the venous outflow valvular destruction, which hinders or prevents the return of blood to the heart. Shortened or long term, these varices can provoke serious complications such as thrombosis, superficial bleeding and dark skin atrophy with recurrent ulcers.

As they were treated:Until the year 2000, the consisted either in boot and remove varicose veins, with the corresponding surgical aggressiveness that required the painful postoperative surgery and some results soon aesthetic or in venous disconnection techniques less aggressive but that did not solve the problem permanently.

As you try now:Currently the LASER SURGERY VARICES is used. Using a beam driven by optical fiber are needed to eliminate varicose veins without aggression or tissue injury and immediate recovery and excellent aesthetic results.


unsightly varicose

They are usually small-caliber varices with or without cutaneous relief and spider veins by dilation of the venous capillaries and almost always without venous insufficiency and other circulatory diseases.

As they were treated:In the decade of the nineties, was used only sclerosis of the varices, which consisted in a intravaricosa injection of liquids or foams dried varicose veins, then destroy and dispose of the body.

As you try now:It still uses sclerosis, currently operative and painless used for varicose veins medium-and small-caliber along with the LASER SKIN TRANSDERMAL ( neodymium-yAG ). Also can be used in transdermal laser spider veins or varicose veins of small size, or in people with intolerances or allergies. This system allows access to very small spider veins, so that the number of sessions required is reduced and gets a shorter disappearance of the varicose vein of time.


Varices uterine or pelvic congestion syndrome

Popularly known as“& rdquo varices matrix ;, as they appear varices in internal genital organs such as uterus or ovaries, due to the inability of the veins to regain its normal size after one or more pregnancies. Symptoms usually painful, abundant and alterations of periodicity, vulvar varicose veins and hemorrhoids, varicose veins in the legs of development and atypical features such as back pain, chronic perineal heavy menses and even pain during or after sex.

As they were treated:Formerly treated with anti-inflammatory and Veinotonics only alleviated the discomfort but did not resolve the problem. The surgical treatment was done in more serious cases went through surgery to remove the uterus by classical or laparoscopic surgery ligation birth of venous insufficiency.

As you try now:Currently there is still a high percentage of undiagnosed and untreated, which condemns women to suffer a totally curable problem. It has more than twelve years the technique of catheterization was introduced via venous in radiology room (not in operating room ). It is done with a small cutaneous infiltration of local anesthesia, blocking and closing from inside all dilated veins, varicose womb and ovaries of both sides, eliminating ceasing flow and pressure that are subjected. The improvement or disappearance of pelvic congestion syndrome with this technique is over 90 %.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection
Dr. Xavier Puncernau

By Dr. Xavier Puncernau
Vascular Surgery

He is the cofounder of the company Angio Vascular Projects, dedicated to the study, research and treatment of vascular disease. He is also co-founder of the technique of laser surgery for varicose veins ELAV. He has a long career and more than 40 scientific publications in specialized journals.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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