Endolaser, varicose vein treatment

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The endolaser is a minimally invasive technique for the treatment of truncal varices. The treatment is carried out by diode laser and lasts a maximum of one hour. Thanks to the simplicity of the intervention, the patient will be discharged after two hours.

Through a small venous dissection, a fiber optic catheter is introduced and through the release of energy regulated by a bio-medical device, fibrosis of the desired venous sector is obtained.

It is important to mention the technique of "intumescence" prior to this procedure, which consists in separating the venous sector to be treated from the skin with continuous injection of saline into the subcutaneous cellular tissue.



Technique and recovery

As it is a minimally invasive technique, it allows ambulant treatment and better tolerance on the part of patients, obtaining excellent clinical and aesthetic results. It is a surgery in which the sessions are of very short duration (less than one hour), and since it is a simple intervention, in which only a venous puncture is performed, the recovery is almost immediate. This technique allows, in turn, the conventional treatment of the underlying venous pathology.

Treatment with endolaser allows to efficiently treat the insufficient venous sector of the main superficial path, this sector being the cause of chronic venous disease. This type of treatment for varicose veins using endolaser is especially indicated for ostial and saphenous insufficiency. There are other additional aesthetic treatments that allow an adequate control of the so-called "spider veins" .

Source: Clínica Cirugía Vascular Gandarias Ocaña, Dr. Gandarias y Dra. Ocaña
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