Endodontics to restore teeth from inside

Written by: Dra. Irma Juárez Navarro
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What is a root canal?

Endodontics is the treatment that is performed in the ducts tooth having infection, inflammation or necrosis of the inside of the tooth, known as pulp. These symptoms may be caused by caries, trauma or poor outcome from a previous restorative treatment.

Endodontics technique involves removal of the affected dental pulp to proceed to the cleaning of the ducts and subsequent sealing and perform the reconstruction of the piece.

This procedure does not require general anesthesia, but it is always necessary perform it under block anesthesia dental use.

When a root canal is needed?

Performing an endodontic prescribed in all processes where the tooth pulp, located in the inner part of the tooth is engaged by caries, trauma or negative tooth vitality. Often dental processes also require extreme sensitivity endodontic treatment.

It is very important to go regularly to consultation with the dentist so that he can take proper monitoring of teeth and prevent these infections. Through prevention they can avoid much of the root canals.


Recovering from a endodontics

In most cases the patient to their normal activity after endodontic. Although taking antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and the use of oral analgesics to refer the pain and swelling, which disappear after a few days will be necessary in some cases.

In endodontics root canals or re-engaged or present complications will be necessary to follow past the first month after three months, six months and one year after surgery.


Recent advances in endodontics

Technological advances in both diagnosis and performing endodontic tools such as electron microscopy, rotary instrumentation or apex locator and the philosophy of minimally invasive dentistry are the determining factors in the perfect development of endodontics.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dra. Irma Juárez Navarro

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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