What is a risky pregnancy

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Risk pregnancy has negative effects on the baby or the mother. If this is minor, lightweight, suffering certain diseases or ingested toxic substances, are factors that can promote it.

What is considered risky pregnancy

Risk pregnancy, as experts say in Gynecology and Obstetrics , that pregnancy is associated factors that may impact negatively on the health of the mother or fetus.


Problems which may result in pregnancy risk for baby and mother

For baby affects mainly on an increased risk of prematurity and alterations in fetal weight at birth.In the mother it increases the chances of pregnancy-related hypertensive complications or risk of obstetric haemorrhage and maternal death.


Factors that encourage risk pregnancy

- Age of mother less than 15 years or 35 years- Maternal weight less than 45 kg, maternal obesity or maternal height less than 160cm- Maternal diseases such as hypertension, diabetes or thyroid disorders- Exposure to hazardous substances such as alcohol, snuff or drugs- Currently, motivated by social and working conditions. The delay conception beyond the age of 35 and, in many cases, over 40, as well as assisted reproduction treatment, with the risk of multiple pregnancy, being two major factors genesis of maternal and obstetrical pathology fetal


Treatment for pregnancy risk

Ideally it should be treated in the preconception consultation, to correct risk factors before pregnancy.During pregnancy it should be treated by close clinical monitoring, analytical control and obstetrical ultrasound.Longtime not have new diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for detecting the risk of preterm birth and preeclampsia (hypertension complication associated with pregnancy-induced). Conducting laboratory tests and ultrasound scans in specific moments as early as week 12 and 20 of pregnancy, it allows us also to establish a prediction of early risk, implement specific therapeutic strategies that significantly reduce the rate of these complications.



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