What is dentofacial orthopedics in children's orthodontics?

Written by: Dr.Prof. Juan Carlos Rivero Lesmes
Edited by: Top Doctors®

Currently there are several types of therapeutic action in child orthodontics. Early detection and apply orthopedic treatment at the right time guarantees better results, shortens the duration and all at low cost with equipment designed for this purpose. In the following article, specialists Dental Clinic Madrid tell us your techniques.


Orthodontics children Dentofacial orthopedics involves the orientation of facial growth and development during the period of childhood and adolescence. During this course, the specialist in Orthodontics evaluates the craniofacial growth and anteroposterior and transverse position of the teeth and jaws in order to detect and prevent skeletal and dental malformation.

Failure to act in time, the child may have skeletal problems such as facial asymmetries or bad dental position that may result in possible muscle and joint pain. These conditions require complex, long and costly treatments in adulthood.


Advantages of early orthodontic treatment in childhood

Dental Clinic Madrid in our traditional reviews recommend starting from 5 years old, unless the doctor or parents detect pathology. Early treatment helps proper growth and development of the mandible and maxilla, correct bad habits such as sucking or swallowing, because space for teeth that have yet to come out, reduces or eliminates respiratory or speech problems and reduces the risk of suffer trauma prominent teeth.

It should be noted that it would never be possible to achieve a balanced and harmonious orofacial structure without correcting the problems of growth at early ages. This would avoid passing through surgical solutions in adulthood. In the event that the orthopedic intervention would not be necessary, the orthodontist will control growth and dental parts every six months until the child will have grown permanent teeth.


Orthodontic treatment

It is important to start orthodontic treatment when children have completed the replacement tooth in order to correct teeth in bad position located recovering his masticatory function, its natural position and aesthetics, getting the balance. Before starting treatment radiographs, models, photographs and other diagnostic tests to establish the exact point of the growth curve in which the patient is be taken. Thus, a specific diagnosis is obtained and plan specific and individualized treatment in each case is created.

To get the best results in orthodontic treatment devices that allow tooth movement as braces or invisible braces techniques such as Invisalign, which is called Invisalign Teen teens apply.

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By Dr.Prof. Juan Carlos Rivero Lesmes

Dr. Prof. Rivero is a stomatologist specialized in orthodontics. Full Professor and Director of the Master's of Orthodontics of IUM and of San Pablo CEU, of the Transparent Orthodontics. Invisalign System and the Master Baja Friction. TIP EDGE. Pioneer in Spain of the Invisalign system is the first university professor to teach the technique. Invisalign Key Opinion Leader and Member Expert Consultant European Advisoty Board Invisalign. He has been invited by the R & D Staff of Align Technology (Invisalign) to present his Biomedical approach to Orthodontics. Diploma Member of the Spanish Society of Orthodontics. Lecturer at national and international level, he has published numerous orthodontic articles.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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