What is ADHD?

Written by: Dr. Pedro De León Molinari
Published: | Updated: 06/11/2018
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Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a disorder of neurobiological origin, with a high genetic component (80%) characterized by the presence of three main symptoms, such as:

• Attention deficit

• Motor and / or cognitive drive

• Motor and / or vocal hyperactivity


How is ADHD diagnosed?

To date, there is no medical, psychological, educational or other evidence that is conclusive in the diagnosis of ADHD. There is also no neuroimaging test (CT, Resonance, X-rays ...), nor blood test analysis, nor psychological or pedagogical test, which alone can accurately determine the presence of the disorder .

. . In fact, many of the patients diagnosed with this disorder have symptoms of inattention but not hyperactivity.

. Therefore, not every person diagnosed with ADHD is hyperactive.


ADHD Treatment

ADHD is a complex disorder in which there are present organic, emotional, behavioral and educational elements. . It is scientifically proven that the best results are obtained from the combination of both treatments.

Appropriate psycho-pedagogical treatment for these cases should include:

• Educational guidance and parent training

• Educational guidance and teacher training

• Direct intervention on the child:

- Awareness and self-reflection

- Behavior modification

- Improvement of the pedagogical skills affected

- Cognitive stimulation

- Cognitive therapy

- Individualized school support


With regard to pharmacological treatment , professionals in Pediatrics can point out that:

• At present, Spain has two groups of drugs indicated for ADHD: stimulants (methylphenidate and lisdexamphetamine) and non-stimulants (atomoxetine)

• This treatment is safe and effective in 85% of cases, at recommended doses

• Has no relevant side effects

• It reduces the symptoms present in each case

• Improve the patient's quality of life at all levels

• Does not cause addiction or increase the risk of substance use

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By Dr. Pedro De León Molinari

Dr. Pedro de Leon Molinari specializes in pediatrics and has a long experience in this sector. Author of more than a hundred publications, has been a pediatrician at the University Hospital of Navarra. Currently he devotes his career in Integral, pioneer in Andalusia center which has a private drive focused on the treatment of childhood and adult ADHD Support of Pediatrics.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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