Eliminate varicose veins without surgery and possible

Written by: Dr. Aureli Muñoz Vicèn
Published: | Updated: 14/11/2018
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Vascular Surgery recommends this technique to remove varicose veins Varicose veins currently affecting 1 in 3 women, who are painful and unsightly. So it's not surprising that many advances in vascular surgery are focused on finding better treatments to remove varicose veins. The technique of ultrasound - guided microfoam sclerosis is a new method to kill them without going under the knife.


Why are varicose veins?

Varicose veins are dilated veins, which occur mainly in the lower limbs and hinder the return of venous blood "dirty" heart and lungs to re-oxygenate. In most cases, these dilations are formed by problems of venous insufficiency. The most frequent cases in consultation angiología ranging from small unsightly spider veins to a large varicose dilations.

As a result of these expansions, the affected person may suffer heaviness, tiredness, cramps, itching, tingling, swelling of the ankles and pain. A good diagnosis, preventive measures and specific treatment in each case, prevent greater evils and prevent complications such as bleeding, ulcers and thrombosis.


Eliminate varicose veins without surgery

So far, the treatment to remove varicose veins had always indicated by surgery, such as stripping technique or CHIVA method, laser and radiofrequency large varicose dilations; but the technique of ultrasound - guided sclerosis with microfoam makes it possible to end the varices without entering the operating room, without anesthesia and without hospitalization.

This technique involves applying a microinjection of a sclerosing foam into the varicose vein, which causes the varicose vein is esclerose, heal and completely disappear in just weeks. Thus it is achieved completely eliminate one or more sessions in all kinds of varicose dilations, even larger and more complex associated to ulcerations. The patient will receive a good cosmetic result without scars.

This is a completely outpatient procedure, almost painless, performed in the same office without surgery or preoperative studies. Only Eco-Doppler study of both lower extremities is needed before treatment, in order to assess the patency of the veins of the deep venous system and valve system state of the surface affected by the variz. It is also advised always pretreatment with venous tonic to strengthen venous walls, and the use of elastic stockings after sclerosis for a couple of weeks for best results. Recovery from the session with ultrasound-guided microfoam sclerosis is immediate, without rest.

The patient leaves the clinic on their own feet, with the average of corresponding compression, can quickly integrate into normal life. Due to the chronic nature of this disease, you may over time due to stays standing or other factors, turn out other than varicose veins elsewhere, so all specialists in vascular surgery always advise certain preventive measures and regular checks.

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By Dr. Aureli Muñoz Vicèn
Vascular Surgery

With more than 30 years of experience, Dr. Muñoz Vicèn is a leader in Angiology and Vascular Surgery. He is currently Medical Director of the Dr. Aureli Muñoz Vascular Clinic SL, in Terrassa which is formed by a large medical team, among which his daughter, Dr. Sílvia Muñoz Escudé, responsible for the vascular laboratory of the center. Previously, Dr. has worked in different hospitals such as the Hospital Universitari Mútua de Terrasa, Head of Service of the General Hospital of Catalonia, the Teknon Clinic and the Belodonte Clinic. He is a member of different medical societies and has conducted several courses and publications both nationally and internationally.

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