Remove varicose veins

Written by: Dr. Luis Felipe Riera del Moral
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To remove varicose veins effectively and lastingly is also necessary to treat the cause that produces. To do this you have to study each case in detail by eco-doppler, determine where varicose veins originate and plan treatment from that point.

legs window Varicose veins are a benign pathology treatment also has a "benign" or minimally invasive, so it may be worthwhile to treat early forms. For this reason more and more patients who decide to treat them there.

In principle the treatment to remove varicose veins must be effective in all people, but we must individualize every case, since it is sometimes advisable only conservative medical and physiotherapy treatment without surgery.


Techniques for removing varicose veins

Varicose veins can be removed by excision, or crioesclerosis foam sclerosis, or radiofrequency ablation laser and vein stripping.

You can have surgery to eliminate varicose veins in all patients with low surgical risk or with superficial varicose pathology anesthetic that does not have any contraindication for it. In general, a medical exam can almost all patients.

Varicose veins may reappear but with proper planning and strategy hemodynamic correct treatment relapses are less than before.


What if varicose veins are not treated?

In general, the disease tends to progress varicose. It is a benign disease but may cause symptoms and minor but annoying complications such as varicophlebitis and varicorrhage.

According to specialists in Vascular Surgery , before starting treatment it is advisable to consult a doctor because surgery is not always necessary, and it is interesting to know the options available.

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Dr. Luis Felipe Riera del Moral

By Dr. Luis Felipe Riera del Moral
Vascular Surgery

Dr. Riera is a specialist in vascular surgery and angiology. In his CV highlights his research particularly in the field of ceulas mother and her teaching vocation, which holds the Autonomous University of Madrid as Associate Professor and Vascular Surgery at the University of Alcala de Henares as an expert in flebologia. He currently leads the team of vascular surgery of San Camillo Hospital Chiron Chiron San Jose, composed of specialists Dr Fernandez Heir, Dr Stefanov Kiuri, Dr. Marin Manzano and Dr. Cuervo Vidal.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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