Breast lift surgery with minimal scar

Written by: Dra. Begoña Martínez Santos
Published: | Updated: 21/11/2018
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Who is the ideal candidate to undergo this intervention?

We would say that all women want to have our body as perfect as possible but the breasts are what will give us the highest degree of femininity. Both the patient who comes to increase and reduce always has a degree of flaccidity, but if we are going to focus only on what is skin flaccidity, breast flaccidity, we would say that the ideal candidate is the one that has lost weight, then she gains sagging, the one that has had one or more pregnancies and the breast does not recover, and according to the skin quality, if this is very fine, very delicate, it will have flaccidity before.


What is the intervention?

To correct this sagging breast we should focus on the elevation of the entire package of the mammary gland, which would consist of raising the gland and suturing it, sewing it to the pectoral muscle so that it is well elevated. But then we would have a degree of skin flaccidity only, which is corrected only and only through the skin, and instead of making only a vertical line and periareolar (around the areola) as was done until now, what I am doing it is around the areola a detachment of the gland, suture to the musculature and that scar is only around the areola. We know that the scar around the areola is practically never seen, so we try to achieve the best result with the minimum scar.

What results can we obtain?

The results always depend on the ideal candidate so the perfect result is achieved when there is a minimum or median flaccidity. In large flaccidness that are produced by large volumes of breast or weight of that breast we will need to make a higher elevation with greater scar. But for those medium breasts, young people who do not want scar, we want to cancel the scar or that it is minimal this would be the ideal technique.


How is the post-operative?

We would say that of all breast surgeries performed, the post-operative intervention to correct breast flaccidity is the mildest of all, it is the simplest of all, since we do the intervention with local anesthesia with sedation the patient can stay or not entered, so you can go home, yes with a bandage to help shape the new breast raising, and that bandage must be kept 2 or 3 days until it is replaced by a bra that will placed during the first month and even the first days at night.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection
Dra. Begoña Martínez Santos

By Dra. Begoña Martínez Santos
Plastic surgery

Plastic and cosmetic surgeon, is known for her breast surgery, both increased and reduction mastectomy and reconstructive cancer.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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