The treatment of migraine through botulinum toxin and microsurgery

Written by: Dr. Christian Weigand
Edited by: Top Doctors®

Migraine is a sharp headache that may be accompanied by other symptoms such as malaise, nausea, vomiting and even sensitivity to light or sound. In the general population, prevalence figures are around 12% of the world population, accounting for 18-20% of women and between 5% and 6% of men. According to data from the Spanish Association of Patients with migraines and headaches, in Spain the number of migraine patients would be around five million.

Of all of them, more than a million and a half suffer more than a dozen migraines a month, and they have to coexist with the symptoms, thus preventing the patient from enjoying a good quality of life. However, only 40% of those affected are diagnosed correctly.


The Causes of Migraine

The main cause of migraine is genetic , and is inherited by predisposition. However, there are external factors that can trigger migraines, such as stress, menstruation in women, changes in sleep rhythm ...

Botulinum toxin to kill migraine

At the beginning of the new millennium, in the United States it was almost by chance discovered that when treating facial wrinkles of patients with botulinum toxin, some of them stopped migraines. Since then, much research has been done on the subject, and it is estimated that seven in ten affected who are injected botulinum toxin in the brow, will have a significant reduction of migraines.

The treatment of migraine through botulinum toxin is to relax the pressure of the points that trigger migraine in the skull, such as the temporal, nasal and frontal nerves. To do this, the botox must be injected in at least 31 points of the head and neck with a technique that follows the distribution of the pericranial nerves. According to statistics, more than 35% of patients experience complete relief from seizures, and almost 60% of cases see migraine attacks are greatly reduced.

Migraine Microsurgery

This microsurgery is based on the same principle as the treatment with botulinum toxin. While in the treatment with the toxin blocked muscles and nerves thanks to the injections, in microsurgery these muscles are modified with superficial surgical cuts, that prevent the connection between them.

It will be known that nerves and muscles are affected by the selection process, in which the previous injections of botulinum toxin will try to decrease migraines. If, eight weeks after the injections, the patient has noticed a significant improvement in migraine symptoms, surgical intervention is performed to remove the corrugator muscle. In this way, microsurgery solves the drawback of the botox procedure, which is not permanent in time.

Thus, the specialist in Plastic Surgery makes a small incision along the crease of the eyelid and extracts the corrugator muscle. Once the extraction is done, the nerve of the eyebrow can no longer be stimulated, and the symptoms of migraine will not be felt.

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By Dr. Christian Weigand
Plastic surgery

Renowned specialist in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, Dr. Weigand has been formed in major European hospitals. He holds an International Patent Application breast implant, and active volunteer of the NGO "Operation Smile". He has received training in different fields of medicine, such as General Surgery, Cardiovascular Surgery, Thoracic Surgery and Traumatology. He is the author and co-author of numerous publications in international journals and a regular participant in all national and international conferences of importance.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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