Treatment for Hemorrhoids: Circular mucosectomies mechanics longo

Written by: Dr. David Costa Navarro
Edited by: Top Doctors®

Hemorrhoids, or more commonly known by the term "piles", are a venous plexus that exist in the anal canal below the mucosa and are physiologically at all. When it happens hemorrhoidal disease pathology or dilation of these plexuses with formation of pathological hemorrhoids, which can reach a prolapse outside (the descension rectum) anal canal occurs.  

What are the symptoms of hemorrhoids?

The patient suffering from this condition feel pain and tingling or irritation of the skin, added to their main symptom: the palpable hemorrhoids outside spontaneously, causing bleeding, especially after defecating. The latter is the most alarming symptom for patients, so striking it.



Causes and treatment of hemorrhoids

While it is not established a causal relationship, hemorrhoidal disease is often associated with constipation and pregnancy. Depending on the physical examination performed by the specialist in proctology or symptoms that occur to the patient, different degrees of hemorrhoids are established, for which there are treatments of choice to establish such specialist individually.  

Some of the techniques to treat the condition are:

- Hygiene and dietary measures such as sitz baths or attempt to prevent constipation, among others.- Rubber band ligation: Simple technique that involves the application of a gum above the hemorrhoidal package to cut off blood flow to the area and subsequent drying of the hemorrhoid.- Classical hemorrhoidectomy: Surgical removal of both internal and external hemorrhoidal veins. Accurate post-operative and a slow recovery, but is one of the most effective.- Arterial doppler-guided ligation (LAHGD): This involves the removal of the anal cushions, reducing its volume to make the symptoms disappear permanently.- Circular Mucosectomy mechanical or technical Longo: Includes the removal of tissue from hemorrhoids, based on the rise of the mucosa of the anal canal, while the vascular inflow to hemorrhoids. Is a method that offers a reduction in postoperative pain where Dr. Costa has extensive experience.

Of these techniques, which have proven most effective are the classic techniques, but when a good indication and a custom mode for each patient, other techniques can be applied with good results and advantages.

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By Dr. David Costa Navarro

Leading expert on Hepatobiliopancreatic Surgery from 2007-2010 he was Head of General Surgery Hospital of Torrevieja. Since May 2012, is optional in the specialty of General Surgery and Gastroenterology at the Medimar International Hospital. In 2009 he was awarded one of the Top 20 IASIST Service Awards for Best General Surgery and Digestive your category and won the title of Master in Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery at the University of Strasbourg and IRCAD. He is the author of numerous publications and research papers in national and international dissemination.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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