Does Push Up bra is harmful to the breast?

Written by: Dra. Esmeralda de Lorenzo Alonso
Published: | Updated: 14/11/2018
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The mammary gland does not have muscle and fat tissue is connective tissue. It is supported and carried by the pectoral muscle, and sustained by Cooper's ligaments (besides the skin and musculature).

Age and the law of gravity make moms change, lose their smoothness and fall. In this sense, since small breasts have less weight are less likely to change.

Rapid weight loss also decreases the fat inside, causing the skin to regain his form late; the younger, more resilient (something similar happens in pregnancy). Excess weight also makes the skin and musculature breast suffer and fall.


What is the ideal bra for mom?

bra To solve this problem we have several options such as physical exercise, cosmetic treatments, surgery etc., but the faster the bra and the most spectacular Push Up bra.

This bra addition to placing the chest in place makes it look bigger. But it is not always healthy look just aesthetics.

Push Up bra lifts and separates the chest, some join the neckline, generally they have padding on the sides and hoops, to help lift the breast and give more volume. This causes a pressure at the bottom of the breast to the nipple downward force. This, and daily, continued pressure may cause some swelling and skin tags.

The rings, the rod is fixed at the base of the mammary gland and its continued use may be affecting ligaments, which are what keep the chest in place. In addition, they can cause hardening of the area, irritation and a tattoo or brown skin.

This does not mean we should always give up this type of fasteners, for a party or an event in a timely manner are ideal, but not recommended for daily use.

Every day we use a bra that place and hold the breast, without forcing, without imprison. Should be comfortable, do not bother, that the breast has some freedom of movement in relation to the rest of the body, that fits to not deform and release it at night.

Unsuitable fasteners relative to the size, that is, incorrect size, of course not cause cancer but can cause pain.

The number indicates the size of the contour measuring the contour of the back (below the chest), and the cup indicates the depth (up to the nipples). Thus, the bra has to be adapted to each person and every circumstance of life of a woman (pregnancy, lactation, sport, etc.) measures.

In short, try the bra may be well placed but it is not too tight nor too loose, not key ring, the strap width is not to make grooves in the shoulders and using natural materials such as cotton.

Everyone knows, for presuming have to suffer, but not every day.

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By Dra. Esmeralda de Lorenzo Alonso

Dr. Esmeralda de Lorenzo is a specialist in breast pathology from the Complutense University of Madrid and the University of Barcelona, ​​with training in radiodiagnosis at the Gregoria Marañón Hospital. She has dedicated more than 30 years to the diagnosis of the breast.

He has participated in dozens of courses, meetings and congresses on breast pathology, and has been a speaker at various meetings and conferences, with publications and collaborations in books on the specialty.

He is a full member of the Spanish Association of Senology and Breast Pathology and of the International Association of Breast Pathology.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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