Written by: Dr. Antonio Asso Abadía
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¿That is a syncope


In ordinary speech, the term syncope any loss of consciousness. In medical terms as that syncope loss of consciousness with spontaneous recovery and that is caused by an overall decrease in blood pressure and thus cerebral perfusion or irrigation is defined.

¿, are the main causes of syncope


Three would essentially causing syncope groups. First would be neurally mediated syncope, syncope vasovagal syncope or reflex (all terms are synonymous ), in which a drop in blood pressure that causes symptoms occurs. Second would be the orthostatic hypotension, ie voltage drop boxes to take the standing position. And thirdly Would the syncope of cardiologic origin or cardiogenic syncope.

¿By entering the field of cardiology


Depending on the age group that will consider and analyze the context that it is estimated that between 5 and 25 % of syncope have cardiologic origin. This is very important for two reasons, firstly because syncope can be a predictor of future sudden death and therefore it is essential a correct identification of the cause of the origin of the syncope. Secondly the cardiologic syncope is the consideration that may have a specific and direct treatment that can prevent such future sudden death or prevent the clinical consequence of syncope as such by various treatments, whether pharmacological, interventional or by implantation device.

¿are the main tests to be performed in the patient with syncope


The study of syncope should always begin with a complete medical history, with an interrogation conducted by a specialist in this type of topics. This questioning led us will put on the track of further tests will be needed to safely and will include the electrocardiogram, echocardiogram and others of like nature. On the basis of suspicion of a cardiologic or origin, ie after confirm or exclude the existence of an underlying heart disease or a subtle electrical changes in the electrocardiogram that can put us on the track of a arritmologico origin of syncope, conclude the process of study diagnosis of syncope with another series of complementary tests.

¿That has treatment options


Treatment of syncope depends on the cause that produces. In neurally mediated syncope of origin, reflex syncope, a set of general rules of prevention and intervention are recommended to avoid such tension fall. When syncope is the origin of cardiologic must address the point source and establish some type of surgical treatment of any kind. When syncope is arritmologico origin of which depend on the arrhythmia in question is producing the symptoms. If heart block occurs pacemaker implantation, if it is tachyarrhythmias, fast ventricular rhythms, often the treatment is determined by the implantation of an implantable defibrillator device called specific. This device allows the prevention of the potential consequences of the syncope, which could be a sudden death. Besides pharmacological treatments may be used coadyugantes in many of these cases.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. Antonio Asso Abadía

Dr. Asso is a renowned cardiologist at national and international level. Specialist Cardiac Electrophysiology at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA and Doctor "cum laude" from the University of Zaragoza.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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