Itching or anal itching:How do I treat it ?

Written by: Dra. Victoria Delgado Díaz
Edited by: Top Doctors®

The anal pruritus or itching occurs when skin irritation around the anus. This is a common and very uncomfortable process that overwhelms the patient, but it costs count and check.

In many cases, the patient attempts to solve it with various creams, some poorly marked and inconvenient. Moreover, as suffering from itching, needs scratching the affected area, self-induced erosions in the skin around the anus. This can cause an infection or perianal dermatitis and worsening itching, passing accompanied by pain and bleeding on many occasions.

The Origin of pruritus or anal itching can be varied, from the presence of parasites in the stool, or stool vaginal fungus, cracks or erosions inside the anus, nervousness, spicy foods and irritants, excess alcohol, etc.

In all cases the patient should consult without fear proctologo to explore and recommend the necessary tests to confirm the source of the problem. It is mandatory to explore all patients and discard parasites in the stool, also associated pathologies, indicating individualized treatment for each patient.

Treatment Tips

It is important to treat the chronic constipation to heal the erosions and fissures that exist in the anal canal.

1. One feeding without chocolate, cola, beer, alcohol high graduation is recommended, tea, mint-pennyroyal, whole, salads, raw vegetables, acidic or spicy.

2. If you must eat meat, fish, rice, vegetables and boiled or cooked vegetables, no wheat pasta and sweet fruits.

3. Drink 2 liters of water a day, juices and broths.

4. Avoid strenuous exercise, high stress, biking, horseback riding, and generally all efforts to increase the pressure of the year.

5. You can not wear thongs or tight jeans.

6. In the first week should be performed sitz baths warm water that relax the year, for 3 minutes/3 times a day, and below administered antibiotic ointment as directed by your doctor to treat perianal dermatitis.

7. Later, after the hygiene of the area in the shower or washing should be administered olive oil in the anal and perianal area.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dra. Victoria Delgado Díaz
Colon & Rectal Surgery

Dr. Delgado Diaz, is National Prize of Medicine 2018 in Proctology, Doctor in Medicine and specialist in Coloproctology, is an expert and has extensive experience in the treatment of problems related to the rectum and anus, and laser surgery. Currently, he is consulting and is a team leader at the Quirón San Camilo Hospital in Madrid. He is a Member of the Spanish Association of Surgeons and Expert of ICOMEM. In 2012, he also collaborated with NGOs in the Selva de Guatemala as a surgeon.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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