Peeling: Symptoms and treatment

Written by: Dra. Lidici Santana
Edited by: Top Doctors®

Factors to consider

The peelings are performed to improve the appearance and structure of skin damaged by the development of aging, acne or excess pigmentation. During your application you will notice the symptom will be a slight itching and stinging sensation tolerable to disappear after the neutralization of the acid.

After peeling your skin presented a situation of tightness, redness and slight swelling. In function of the depth to which it applies is peeling you can observe a certain degree of flaking. After a few hours spent these symptoms disappear.

Currently, people should avoid undergoing a peeling glycolic ac are those who behave: herpes, warts, open sores, history of hypertrophic scars and keloids or have undergone a surgery or cryotherapy. Even so, always be the physician specialist who decides. Age is not an aspect to consider, but the state of the skin, as this treatment is the best solution for teens with acne or hyperpigmentation problems.

The effectiveness is not always in all cases the same. The results always depend on the initial condition of the skin. Anyway, although the skin is badly damaged, always visible results can be obtained. The number of peelings normally applied usually eight to ten, with an interval between them of 1 to 6 weeks. Still, there is no session-limit and in the case of superficial peels can be applied to any area of the skin.


Application peeling

The application of this treatment It is always linked theory to practice. The success of the peeling is conditioned by the dominance of technical and human parameters that guarantee the satisfaction of the patient and, therefore, only one skilled in the art should realize. By contrast, there peels that can be used by non-medical as in the case of cosmetics peelings, however staff.

The peels can be accompanied by other treatments, a fact that would support and would enhance the effects of different techniques such as laser and infiltrations among others. Another aspect to consider are the seasons. The fall, winter and spring are the most recommended periods, but now because of the technological revolution last generation peels that can be administered in full summer season without producing any harm to the skin are.

One consideration is to wait 24 hours to make up the area, although you should always evaluate based on the type of peeling executed in the area. Another aspect is its difference with the laser. The latter procedure delves more into the skin, requiring a longer recovery. However, the effects of peeling are more progressive and do not involve the loss of working days.

Remarkably, the use of medical scrubs rarely ends with one session. Also during the course of treatment the patient will be subjected to social stress resulting aesthetic skin change (varies based on the type of peeling and treatment ). During their development could cause an outbreak ACNE, hyperpigmentation and irritation of the cutaneous tissue may appear, among others, that were previously imperceptible to the human eye, but which were latent in the skin. These elements do not preclude an optimal outcome; for this reason it is difficult to predict the number of sessions that are required in each case. The care that the patient is at home and in their daily tasks is essential for the treatment to be one hundred percent effective.


*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dra. Lidici Santana
Aesthetic Medicine

His career has been inspired by the supply of quality treatments using treatment of proven efficacy and safety. Also rejecting any inappropriate treatment that exceeded their powers in more than 50,000 medical and aesthetic treatments performed throughout his career of over 20 years of experience.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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