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Written by: Dra. Lidici Santana
Published: | Updated: 13/11/2018
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Chemical Peeling Treatment

It involves the application of chemicals on the skin always performed by a specialist. Its purpose is to produce exfoliation of the outer layers of the body, causing changes in the appearance and the microscopic structure of the same. These changes can affect both the dermis and the skin.

The chemical peeling provides among other benefits a satiny, velvety skin with imperfections and decrease in general, an important improvement of the color and condition of the skin.

Classes Peeling

& bull; superficial peels: influence the stratum corneum, which is the part of dead skins calluses become;to the epidermis and superficial papillary dermis. Also applies to acne problems, epidermal pigmentary changes, fine wrinkles or actinic damage. The treatment is performed with AHA, TCA, AC Retinocio, Jessner Solution. Using multiple peels should be performed leaving a timeframe of two to six weeks of each other.

The benefit provided by this procedure the skin is better in appearance, more light, improves fine wrinkles and mild acne problems and spots where bleaching creams are applied.

& bull; Peels means: are used in actinic damage on wrinkles middle deep in pigmentation and scars. The agents used in high concentrations is AHA, more than 30 % TCA, phenol and TCA + glycolic. This type of peel can reduce the concentrations of TCA and reduce secondary effects. At the time of your application, you can not leave home for a week.

The strengths of the media peels are the significant improvement in the texture and color of skin. They are very effective in photoaging, however they are not useful in cases of acne. Such bleaching creams accompanied peels are very effective in the treatment of stains.

& bull; Deep Peels: destroy to mid reticular dermis, which is the part most deep and thick skin. The agents are phenol and Baker formula to help correct deep wrinkles, severe actinic damage, pigmentation and superficial scarring. Although the effectiveness of these techniques is very high, they also have a great aggressiveness.

Deep peels are recommended for patients over 65 years with a severe aging and deep wrinkles. This suggestion is because this type of patients do not mind having a more sensitive and hypopigmented skin.

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By Dra. Lidici Santana
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