The largest number of cough receptors in the larynx

Written by: Dr. Adalberto Pacheco Galván
Published: | Updated: 13/11/2018
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The larynx plays a key role in Chronic Cough. In this tubular organ is where there is the highest number of cough receptors at the beginning of the reflex arc -motive for which it is common to diagnose cough and dyspnea in patients with problems in the larynx-, and they are also located, although to a much lesser extent , in the trachea and the bronchi. The larynx, however, is often forgotten in the Chronic Cough management guidelines, probably because it is an Otorhinolaryngology field of activity and these guides usually have pulmonologists as authors.. That forgetfulness does not reflect reality, much less.


The role that plays in the protection of the airway during swallowing and as an organ of response to all those stimuli that access the lower airway is simply fundamental. The patient with Chronic Cough and hypersensitive larynx suffers the so-called hyperreactivity of the upper airway, which results in a sudden closure of the glottis or problems of vocal cord adduction. The main causes are allergy, viral infections and chronic irritation of the laryngeal mucosa due to gastroesophageal reflux (GER) reaching the area, with chronic cough being a major symptom. The treatment with omeprazole is not enough for these patients with GER and it is decisive to teach the chronic reflux with hygienic-dietetic and postural measures as well as prokinetic and sometimes a laryngeal rehabilitation program that over time, get a larynx more resistant, more effective and therefore with less input beginning of the reflex arc of the cough

Laryngeal dysfunction

Chronic Cough announces laryngeal dysfunction. It also causes two types of pathologies in the lower airway, such as aspirations and continuous dyspnea.. The first of the pathologies occurs when the mucosa remains hyposensitive and its role as vigilant of the glottic entry decreases, while the second is increasingly associated with refractory asthma or those that do not respond to the usual treatment of inhaled corticosteroids and Beta-adrenergic long-acting


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By Dr. Adalberto Pacheco Galván
Pulmonary Disease

Famous medical specialist pulmonologist asthma and chronic cough. Spanish doctor proposed only as a member to the Committee of Consensus for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Cough in the ERS (European Respiratory Society). He is the founder and head of the Unit for asthma and cough unwieldy Ramon y Cajal Hospital with more than 400 patients seen notarized.

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