The prostatic laser, an effective treatment

Written by: Dr. Gilberto Chechile Toniolo
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What is the prostatic laser?

The prostate laser, at the moment, is the most innovative and most effective surgery for the treatment of benign diseases of the prostate. It consists of the application of a high intensity energy that reaches about 400 degrees on the prostate tissue, through an instrument through the urethra. This causes that those 400 degrees applied on the prostate produce the vaporization of the tissue, it means that it transforms into steam and residual ash. When we apply the last technique we have, which is Vapor-resection of the prostate, we can obtain small pieces of prostate that allow us to analyze them in the future and have the biopsy of that material. This resection is like the conventional resection but with the laser, this means that all the complications that were produced by the bleeding with the conventional treatment, when the resection was performed with the laser, there are less possibilities of complications. The penetration of the laser is 2 millimeters, therefore, it prevents injury to neighboring organs and has a lower incidence, as we said earlier, of urinary incontinence and bleeding.

For what diseases is the use of the prostatic laser recommended?

At the prostate level the laser is used, basically, in benign diseases. It allows the reduction of the size of the prostate and the internal emptying of the prostate with which the improvement in urination occurs. It is very important with the laser, not only to know which are the diseases that can be treated with the laser but, above all, which patients can be treated. With the laser can be treated patients who could not be operated with conventional techniques, for example patients with problems of coagulation, patients with severe problems at the level of the respiratory sphere and at the level of the cardiac sphere or patients who for religious beliefs do not accept the blood transfusions. All these patients can now be effectively treated for benign diseases of the prostate with laser.

Other diseases that can be treated from the point of view of urology, if the strictures of the urethra can be cut-cut-with the fiber of the frontal laser and replace the cold knife with which they are done in a conventional way, in some patients We can treat bladder tumors with the laser, for example in patients with severe coagulation disorders in which the section, the cut, can not be applied with the electric handle.

What are the advantages of surgical treatment with the prostatic laser?

Basically the advantages consist in lower incidence of complications, lower incidence of bleeding, in fact when we perform a laser we do not have to make blood reserves, as we do when doing conventional surgery, recovery is much faster, the patient recovers a lot more quickly in your daily activities is much faster and all the symptoms related to the operation are less than with conventional surgery.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. Gilberto Chechile Toniolo

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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