El informe pericial psiquiátrico

Written by: Dr. José Carlos Fuertes Rocañin
Published: | Updated: 15/11/2018
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The psychiatric expert report is an increasingly requested element in the judicial sphere, and this is for a variety of reasons.


Reasons for requesting a psychiatric expert report

Firstly, the psychiatric expert report, in a generic way, is necessary because the legal system so provides when the judge must be informed of specific aspects on a subject in which he is not expert, as is the case with behavioral disorders or diseases Mental.

Secondly, because the psychiatric expert report may be an essential element in determining the criminal responsibility of a sick person, and precisely because of this, he needs his illness to be taken into account in order to receive special consideration before the law.

It is also fundamental the psychiatric expert report when it is sought to obtain a disability or disability in the labor jurisdiction, based on the existence of a psychic disorder or illness that must be accredited by the court.

Finally, the psychiatric expert report may be of special relevance when we are in the civil jurisdiction and seek to achieve incapacitation, declare the nullity of a will, invalidate a marriage or determine the need for involuntary confinement.

The psychiatric expert report is an element that isMore and more frequently

Structure of a psychiatric expert report

Any psychiatric expert report for practical purposes should be structured as follows: 

Preamble : who does, what is done, where is done and who is done. 

Expository part 

  • Current Syndrome or Illness 
  • Personal / family history 
  • Precursor vital curve 
  • Explorations 

Reflective part 

  • Clinical Considerations 
  • Medical legal considerations 

Conclusions : conclusions must be clear, specific and precise. 

For more information, consult a specialist in Psychiatry .

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By Dr. José Carlos Fuertes Rocañin

Dr. Fuertes Rocañín is a renowned medical psychiatrist specializing in Forensic and Legal Medicine. Bachelor and PhD in Medicine and Surgery from the universities of Zaragoza and Valladolid, he is a specialist in the area of ​​Psychiatry at the National Institute of Health and Medical specialist in Psychiatry of the Ministry of Defense. For a decade, he was head of the Psychiatry Service at the Burgos Defense Hospital. Author of several books of the specialty, he collaborates weekly in the program of Antena 3 'Espejo Público' and in programs of the Aragonese Corporation of Radio and Television.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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