Pain is inevitable, suffering the useless

Written by: Arantza Pérez Mijares
Published: | Updated: 06/07/2022
Edited by: Top Doctors®

Today we will be happier because we deserve and we would have earned.

Happiness does not depend on external factors as we win the lottery or that our head up our pay. I do not want to fall into the topic that happiness is within us @ s.

& iquest;Inside ?¿Where ?¿, In the kidneys, the pancreas


Mijares Psychologists we firmly believe that happiness is built every day. Here we'll take a few simple“tricks” to cultivate your own happiness, without depending on external factors.

We can not avoid having things that cause us pain: pain is part of life. If I hit your finger with a hammer sentire a sharp pain in finger. If I spend three weeks thinking about the intense pain I had on my finger, then I am suffering.

Let the mess. & iquest;That I can do to be happier ? Just for today.

1– Get up out of bed and spent five minutes breathing. Concentrate on your breathing. You do not need to breathe in a particular way, just breathing in and out. Thoughts will come into your head, I know, but it's not the time to take care of them, these are for you five minutes, only yours. The rest of the world can wait. Let the thoughts come, do not judge. Just let pass: There are many times throughout the day to take care of each and every one of them. But these are the five minutes you spend with you, your breathing, your connection to the present moment.

2– Eat a balanced way. Take a heart-healthy breakfast containing carbohydrates ( bread or cereal, for example), a milk ( yogurt or milk) and fruit. Do not forget to eat a few nuts to your heart.

3– Walk a little every day. It is not necessary for you to become an accomplished athlete, but a workout helps fight stress and produces endorphins.

4– Live for today: try not to think about the things you've done and do not waste too much time with the things that are coming. John Lenon was saying that life is that happens while you 're making plans. Live the present moment, connect with life helps us to be happier.

5– Plan your day but do not encorsetes in that planning. Things can vary throughout the day. Visualize to yourself @ like a reed that bends in the wind, but never starts. Be flexible help us adapt to“so things are&rdquo ,.

6– Assume“What things are”. It does not mean you resign, resign is because falter. If you can do something, do it but if you can not accept situations as they come. No resignation without resistance because resistance is to deny the facts, turn your back to life. When we assume“What things are” We 're living hand to life. It does not mean that we accept, means that we will not waste time and energy to reject ( deny ), but we will not take a position of victim. We let things be.

7– Cultivate friendship, look after your friends s.

8– Speak clearly, but also with Education. If there are things you are not as you have to say. But always with education and good words

9– Do not waste time lamenting


10– Thanked. Because when we give thanks for each and every one of the things we have we are fixing what we have rather than on what we lack.


*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection
 Arantza Pérez Mijares

By Arantza Pérez Mijares

Dr. Pérez Mijares has over 15 years of experience as a psychologist in the public and private sectors, as well as teaching courses in different subjects. Specializing in anxiety, with treatment through Mindfulness. Also an expert in the fields of sexual psychology, couple and stress. Currently he is director and co-director of radio programs and collaborates with different NGOs.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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