Caring for dental implants

Written by: Dra. Amparo Lorca Salañer
Published: | Updated: 09/11/2018
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¿, consisting in treatment with dental implants


The dental implant treatment involves replenishing natural teeth with artificial teeth are implants. The implants consist of 2 parts, one part is a titanium screw that will replace the root of the tooth and another portion is the portion prosthetic replacing tooth crowns. The main advantage with dental implants over other types of prosthesis is that it is a fixed prosthesis, which does not have to be removed, the patient feels like a natural tooth. And in second place is - we need not rely on natural teeth or tooth damage na- tural to place.

¿Anyone can get implants


Virtually everyone could place dental implants. In terms of age, once growth ends without age limit can be placed implants. The only problems that we can find when placing implants den- such problems are anatomical area well because the bone is very low and you can not place or they have some nerve or other anatomical structure that interferes with the placement and impossible, and we can also find more proble - general health, either mental health or cardiovascular disease or other pathologies that contraindicate implant treatment.

¿, As is the surgical phase


The surgical phase is done in the dental clinic under local anesthesia, in excep - tional cases sedation is used, and it is a minor surgery, ie, after the Plum -gia no little discomfort. There is usually some swelling and occasionally some pe- Queno hematoma. Normally expect 2 to 6 months for the im- plant is a strong bone and to place the jacket or crown replaced the tooth crown.

¿Because implants care


Implants care similar to the teeth but I would say we have to be much more thorough and demanding when it comes to clean the implants because implants do not have natural defense systems with our teeth. No - SOther advise both cleansing and natural tooth implant with electric toothbrushes and interdental brushes or dental floss to access interproximal areas are the areas between teeth or tooth to implant. It is important to not only make daily personal care but also make pe- odic review by the professional, preferably the person who placed the im- plantes, at least once a year.

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Dra. Amparo Lorca Salañer

By Dra. Amparo Lorca Salañer

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection