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Written by: Dr. Joaquín Resa Bienzobas
Published: | Updated: 14/11/2018
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What is obesity surgery?

Obesity surgery techniques that are working on the digestive system, allow us to solve the issues of patient weight and the pathologies associated with overweight such as diabetes, hypertension, uric acid, cholesterol, triglycerides, sleep apnea or joint problems related to overloading of joints.


What techniques are available?

Two groups of techniques. On the one hand, we have interventions that is trying to leave the stomach very small, so we can not eat and not eat adelgacemos. On the other hand, there are interventions that we normally eat, what happens in them is that we will derive the intestine, the food will not go all the route of the intestine, but a part that we have decided to weight ratio and the height of the patient, the patient will absorb less of the calories you eat is going to eliminate in the stool and that's going to lose weight.


What techniques work best?

The techniques tend to perform better are the techniques that the patient is best suited to them. I use to like me, as a rule, more interventions with the patient can eat normally. And in this group, in the group of techniques in which the patient will eat normal because it will absorb less. There is one in particular that is my favorite, which is the bypass gastroileal. This technique performed only costs me 30 minutes, it is very safe, very effective and very fast recovery.


How is postoperative?

The recovery of these patients is very fast, because the intervention has been very smooth, it has only cost us 30 minutes. It is very safe and easy. It allows us to discharge the patient within 48 hours. The incorporation of patient work becomes in about 7 days, depending on your activity as you may need a little more time, 7 to 15 days. Per month, patients can do any activity, sport or work. It is true that there is an adaptation of the food for, let's say, the first month. The first days take liquids; then it will take crushed; then, it takes soft, up and make a normal diet.


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By Dr. Joaquín Resa Bienzobas

Dr. Joaquín Resa Bienzobas is a specialist in General Surgery and Gastroenterology with extensive training internationally and extensive professional experience. It is a world reference in Bariatric Surgery (of Obesity) and Diabetes. A pioneer in the gastro-intestinal bypass technique, he is also a member of the Spanish Society of the Surgery of Obesity (SECO). Dr. Resa performs about 300 annual interventions, a number that places him -according to data from SECO- as the specialist with the highest number of interventions per year. He has made more than 150 communications and papers in congresses of the specialty and has received numerous awards for his work and research.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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