Asthma in children

Written by: Dr. José Antonio Álvarez Martínez
Published: | Updated: 13/11/2018
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What is asthma and what are its causes

The Spanish Association of Pediatrics and Pediatric Pulmonology define asthma as "A disease that is characterized clinically by episodes of wheezing (whistling or whistling in the chest), dyspnea, cough and chest tightness; physiologically by processes of obstruction -generally reversible- of the airways and bronchial hyperreactivity; histologically due to chronic inflammation of the airway. "

Asthma is the result of several factors and does not obey a single cause:

- The genetic predisposition

The most important factor that predisposes to the appearance of asthma is Atopy. Respiratory, drug and food allergies are an essential risk factor in children.


- Favorable factors

Respiratory infections, exposure to tobacco smoke, pollution, climatic factors, emotional factors, hormonal influences, gastro-esophageal reflux, etcetera.

The inhaler is one of the treatments to fight asthma in children


Symptoms of asthma

The main symptomatology of these patients is:

• Wheezing: whistling or whistling produced by air passing through narrowed airways.

• Cough: sometimes as the only sign. The nocturnal appearance of the cough, the presentation during the physical exercise or coinciding with the exposure to important concentrations of allergens (pollen, dog, cat, etc.), make us suspect asthma.

• Intermittent breathing faster and faster.

• Oppression in the chest that children sometimes refer to as pain.

Possible treatments for asthma

Treatments should be individualized according to the severity of symptoms in each patient and include: avoiding of the triggers, maintenance and crisis medication, education and changes in lifestyle. As maintenance medication there are: inhaled corticosteroids, long-acting beta2 mimetics and antileukotrienes. For seizures inhaled and anti-inflammatory bronchodilators are used orally. We also have immunotherapy (vaccines).

More and more children affected by asthma

It is the most frequent of chronic diseases in childhood.

This ignorance is due to the fact that the symptoms of the disease are sometimes atypical and not valued by the family or the doctor.. Even so, you can live a normal life with asthma, with proper care and medication.

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By Dr. José Antonio Álvarez Martínez

Dr. Alvarez Martinez is a renowned specialist in pediatrics. Bachelor of Medicine from the University of Murcia, was an intern at the Departments of Human Anatomy, Pathology and Pediatrics-Puericultura at the same university. Likewise, Dr. Alvarez was trained as a pediatrician at the Hospital Universitario Virgen de la Arrixaca and has. In addition Sanitária a diploma in Management and a Masters in emergencies and disasters.

Internationally, Dr. Álvarez Martínez has participated in the care of refugees and health care during the war in Bosnia and distinct missions in Paraguay. Notably also he authored numerous publications and has several awards for his work in breastfeeding.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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