Back pain, a problem of visceral origin

Written by: Jaume Ramón
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The back pain can have multiple causes. These are problems related to biomechanics of the back and disc disease or herniated disc, but you can also after trauma appear this pain, especially in car accidents or motorcycle ( Whiplash ) or fall on coccyx (seated), with this very last patologica. Despite the frequency and the high incidence of this problem, every day we are seeing one of the biggest causes of back pain in our patients have a visceral origin.


Back Pain Treatment

It is important early diagnosis, as the major consequence of back pain if not treated is chronicity in time. You have to prevent and educate our patients to come fairly quickly that the osteopath and acute pain from becoming chronic, because if it is, the process of resolving the pain will be more difficult and costly.

Although back pain can be treated in many possible ways, we bet osteopathy, as this leads to the origin of the lesion and allows us to treat. The osteopathic treatment will be different and individual for each person, because as we said before the cause of the pain can be for a musculo- skeletal, visceral, etc problem.


Indications for the patient with back pain

Once submitted to the osteopathic treatment of back pain, the patient should not continue to take more indications about healthy living habits. You are advised change in diet, plus do Exercise on a regular basis if they previously took a rather sedentary life. If necessary, the patient should reduce weight, and also take a good ergonomics in your daily life as a form of prevention to avoid problems reproducing again.


*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Jaume Ramón

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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