Anal pain: diagnosis and treatment

Written by: Dr. Anicet Puigdollers Pérez
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Dr. Perez is coloproctologo Puigdollers Anicet and belongs to Top Doctors, the se- reading circle of first-rate medical Espana. As an expert in anal pain we explain the details of this treatment.

¿, we mean by anal pain


The pain is not a disease, pain is a symptom, and anorectal pain is the symptom by consulting about 50 % of patients who attend a consultation proctologia. The patient complains of pain in the anal region and it can be located in the same anus or inside the rectum, having being patient sometimes difficult to make this differentiation. Sometimes the pain is around the anus, in the region peria -nal. The characteristic pain intensity i logically vary as a function of the cause and no less important is the threshold of perception of each individual factor, not all feel pain the same way we express or mis -mo mode and less in a region such as the delicate anal pain coexist with factors such as verg Wü ,. embarrassment or modesty

¿That can cause anal pain


There are many processes that can trigger this symptom. Organic causes are due to a specific anatomic lesion and no specific causes of difficult diagnosis leading to what we call functional pain.

¿, As you reach a diagnosis


It's funny because anal pain used to be associated with hemorrhoids by the patient sufferer but no one is aware that the issue is more complex than this. Input must say that hemorrhoids play little role in the issue of pain because of not being complicated not usually generate a very impor - tant pain. When the pain is accompanied by obvious physical changes no diagnostic doubt, one thrombosed hemorrhoid a perianal access are clear examples of rapid treatment. The problem arises in the absence of an obvious physical injury, it is then that helps us a good examination of the patient and a thorough exploration Proctological. For example, if the pain starts with the deposition and increases for hours after this we must think of an anal fissure though we can not see it. There are also additional examinations and proctologia have the advantage of working with the terminal portion of the digestive tract, therefore open to the outside and allows easy access to endoscopic, ultrasound scans or functional.

¿What are the functional pain


They are a type of pain that does not respond to any obvious anatomical cause, we have ruled out, therefore, physical injury to the patient. They are painful, difficult diagnosis. The functional anorectal pain divide into 2 groups depending on the duration of symptom. We speak of chronic anal pain when the pain lasts more than 20 minutes when we talk about fleeting proctalgia evolves breakthrough pain ranging from seconds to a few minutes.

¿? As an anorectal functional

pain treated

Always be individualized treatment. Although these pains may be related to psychological factors should not be assumed that the input source is this. Certainly conventional analgesia is often ineffective. Postural treatments, massages peri -anal and even bathrooms can seat quite relieve these patients. With respect to the pharmacological treatments used muscle relaxants and tricyclic antidepressants etc.. A treatment of interest -te is the reeducation of the anal pelvic floor muscles and by bio - feedback techniques, that allows a good sphincter relaxation and proper defecation maneuver and all this will contribute to the improvement of these patients. In recent years the neuro - modulation of sacral roots or via the posterior tibial nerve stimulation have shown encouraging results.

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By Dr. Anicet Puigdollers Pérez
Colon & Rectal Surgery

Dr. Puigdollers specializes in General Surgery and Digestive i Coloproctologia, areas around which has developed their daily work. He is an expert in the treatment of ano-rectal pathology, pathology of the pelvic floor and digestive function. He is an active member of several scientific societies and has published articles in medical journals of national and international scope.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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