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Dr. Jaume Tarradellas Bertran

By Dr. Jaume Tarradellas Bertran


When going to the neurologist ?

The neurologist specializes attending diseases of the brain and throughout the nervous system. It is the doctor who can help if you suffer from headaches, dizziness, drowsiness, unsteadiness, impaired consciousness, de fi cit memory, gait disturbances, tremors and tics, etc.

Dr. Luis Ley Urzaiz

By Dr. Luis Ley Urzaiz

Neurological Surgery

Cervical disc herniation

The cervical herniated disc is a displacement of the intervertebral disc in the cervical segment of the spine that will cause a compression of nerve structures having around. To treat it must resort to surgery of the cervical column, a minimally invasive surgery.

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