DMAE: symptoms and treatments against macular degeneration

Written by: Dr. José Luis Bueno Palacín
Published: | Updated: 18/11/2018
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When the DMAE appears?

AMD appears in older people, usually in the late sixties, albeit from fifty you can see some patients with symptoms of DMAE on your retina.


You can prevent or delay AMD?

The main development of the disease factors are age and genetic predisposition. Faced with these factors can not do anything, although there are others that influence the onset and progression of the disease on which we can influence. 

  • Protected from light 
  • Controlling cardiovascular risk factors (snuff, obesity, hypertension ...) 
  • Maintaining a healthy diet rich in vitamins, fatty acids omega 3, minerals such as copper and zinc and substances such as lutein or zeaxanthin. Generally consume blue fish, olive oil, nuts, green vegetable and red, cocoa and some meats and seafood, may be beneficial.

What are the symptoms of AMD?

The disease develops in two ways, or dry or wet form. 

  • Dry form: a high percentage of patients (about 80/85%) show lifetime dry form, in which a progressive loss of central vision occurs, especially near. In advanced stages of life, loss of central vision can be very important, preventing reading or recognizing faces of people. However, the disease does not usually end in blindness, and patients usually retain vision to be self-sufficient. 
  • Wet form: it occurs in 15 to 20% of patients. This means that appear abnormal blood vessels leak blood or fluid accumulating in the macula. In these cases, the loss of central vision usually occurs quickly, sometimes within hours or days. Patients often complain of a characteristic symptom is vision distortion that makes objects appear distorted.


How is AMD treated?

It is important to be protected from light and lead a healthy life and eating. It is important to know that today there is no treatment for the disease, but you can try that evolution thereof is as slow as possible. Taking certain supplements with vitamins, minerals, lutein and zeaxanthin may be beneficial.

Patients in which rapid loss of vision or deformity should go immediately appear to form ophthalmologist , as they may be developing a wet form. In these cases, administration of drugs injected into the eye may delay the rapid deterioration of vision.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. José Luis Bueno Palacín

Dr. Good Palacín is the director of the vitreoretinal unit Innova Ocular IOA MADRID, leading specialist in Ophthalmology expert in vitreoretinal surgery, treatment of AMD with Antiangiogenics, terapúeticos Argon laser treatment, and diagnosis of any pathology related to the retina providing the latest generation, such as Cirrus 5000 OCT, angiography Digitised, 3D ultrasound.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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