Distinguish major depression to provide adequate psychiatric treatment

Written by: Dr. Manuel Alfonso Simón
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Major depression is a disease characterized by a persistent decayed mood, with negative thoughts, anxiety and low self-esteem.


Symptoms of alertness in major depression

Major depression usually shows a low mood and the inability to experience pleasure in activities that were previously enjoyed. It also manifests with circular thinking, feelings of worthlessness, inappropriate guilt, helplessness and hopelessness. It also affects the rhythm of sleep and eating.

Causes of Major Depression

Major depression is a multifactorial syndrome with biological, hereditary, and psychological factors.

It is not always easy to distinguish between symptoms of major depression and common depression. In fact, the intensity and persistence over time of the clinical picture, as well as the absence of sufficient causal factors, should be highlighted.


What is the right treatment for major depression?

Major depression should be treated with antidepressants , due to their biological causes, prescribed by the specialist in Psychiatry. Also, in most cases, psychotherapy helps to understand the problem and manage emotions. This psychotherapeutic treatment includes the detection, on the part of the patient, of the beginning of an outbreak and thus be able to react in time and avoid the self-destructive spiral.


Prognosis of Major Depression and Patient Evolution

The prognosis depends very much on the characteristics of the disease, the person who suffers it, the concurrence of other diseases and environmental factors.

There is no laboratory test to diagnose major depressive disorder. However, tests are usually requested that may reveal other diseases with similar symptoms.

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By Dr. Manuel Alfonso Simón

With over 30 years experience in this field, Dr. Alfonso Simon is an expert in the care of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders and implementation of a multifactorial diagnosis. Dr. Alfonso Simon is Head of the Psychiatric Unit of the San Rafael Hospital in Barcelona.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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